Nice day trips from Bogotá, Colombia

Nice day trips from Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá can be a chaotic city, but it's surrounded by lots of relaxed and peaceful places. Why not take a 1 or 2 day trip there?

- Visit nearby towns like Chia, La Calera, Cajica, Tabio, Zipaquira and La Vega. You can find cheap and fast transportation to any of this destinations from the Terminal de transportes and from most, you could return the same day.

- Choachí is the best kept secret in town. This small village 50 min. East of Bogotá is reached after climbing up and down a tall mountain, so tall you can see Monserrate at your feet. Local cooking, hot springs and a great Swiss restaurant await for you at your destination.

- Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá - An impressive Cathedral hewn out of a salt mine in Zipaquira. A visit is by guided tour. English, German, French, and Spanish guides are available. To get there take the Transmilenio to Portal del Norte and then a bus to Zipaquirá (45 min / 3,400 COP). Ask the bus driver for directions to the cathedral, it is only two blocks from the main plaza. The current cathedral is the second construction and opened in 1995 after the first one had to close because of safety concerns. Entrance: 15,000 COP / Wednesday discount: 10,000 COP.

- Laguna del Cachique Guatavita - This spiritual lake is where the legend of El Dorado originated. The Muisca Indian King used to have religious ceremony in the middle of the lake, painted all his body with gold dust, and threw gold things offered in sacrifice into the lake. English/Spanish guided tour is available. To get there take the Transmilenio to Portal del Norte and then a bus to Guatavita and ask for another transportation to the lake. This is a little bit complicated, but local police can help. The journey will take little more time than to Zipaquirá. Foreigners: 12,000 COP / Colombians: 8,000 COP.
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