The nice beaches of Recife, Brazil

The nice beaches of Recife, Brazil

Recife is known for its amazing beaches.

Probably one of the world's best urban beaches is Boa Viagem Beach with pristine white sands. If you want a tan, you came to the right place. The beach road has a wide walkway attached and this is dotted with huts selling food and drink.

Try the traditional "água de coco" (coconut water).

The beach itself is full of vendors selling food and drink. There are also vendors selling t-shirts, hats, suncream, sunglasses. These guys can get a bit insistent. Simply smile and one word will have them on their way: não (pronounced "now.")

The best beach in Recife is Porto de Galinhas. On New Year's, this place is like a fantasy with amazing open-air parties, tourists from all over Brazil, and an amazing beach.

Other awesome spots are: Maracaípe, Serrambi, Tamandaré, São José da Coroa Grande, Muro Alto, Cupe, Suape, Calhetas, Gaibu, Maria Farinha and Itamaracá Island.

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