The Newest Virgin Islands Craze: Pop-Up Cruising

The Newest Virgin Islands Craze: Pop-Up Cruising

Tired of the same old mundane Spring Break beach vacation? You know what we’re talking about – lay out all day, go out for dinner… rinse, repeat.

Sound familiar?

Get ready to be inspired. Introducing a whole new way of Spring Breaking: Pop-Up Cruising in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

It’s hip. It’s happening. And all the best charter boat captains are offering it: a custom-designed, private boat trip between the best adventures each island has to offer. Feast your eyes (and all your other senses) on a new sensation at every turn.

You’re welcome.


Check out some of our favorite pop-up experiences to look for while vacationing in the Virgin Islands:

A Radical Approach to Beach Combing

The awesome part about island hopping is that you can scout out the coves, inlets and beaches that suit your always-changing whims. Want to spend the day with a fun crowd? Ask your captain to take you to the party. Try Willy T’s or Soggy Dollar, for starters. Want to find the most bare-bones, desolate beach on the planet? The experience is yours for the taking.


Choose Your Own Adventure Bar

For good times that are here today, there tomorrow – Charter a boat that’s fully stocked with a complete bar. Then chase your own experience and bring the bar with you…whether you’re floating in calm, crystal-clear waters, stretched out on the boat’s sun deck, or enjoying sand-between-your-toes on some newfound island beach. (Heads up: Missing your favorite beverage? Ask if the crew will pick it up and have it on board for you!)


Pop-Up Snorkeling

Be sure your rental boat is equipped with high quality snorkeling gear, and the reefs will be yours to check out, uninhibited. Venture out to Saint Thomas, Watermelon Cay and Maho Bay to take in all the vibrant tropical sights your heart desires.


Don’t miss out on the best of the Islands, with fresh new experiences each day, custom tailored to your party. Choose your own thrills, or let a seasoned boat captain surprise you with a tour of the hottest spots only the natives know about.

It’s the newest, best super-vacation thrill. And it’s waiting for you in the tropics.


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