New York - Shopping in the Big Apple

New York - Shopping in the Big Apple

The cosmopolitan city of New York offers one of the most interesting shopping experiences.

With the city being a melting pot of cultures, you can find just about anything from any corner of the world.

Some of the best shopping areas are found in Lower Manhattan, the city’s financial district.


Opposite Church Street is the Century 21 department store, where you can pick up great bargains. Near the City Hall is a huge mega mart selling electronics. This mart is called J&R and is famous for selling computers, CDs, software and camera at extremely reasonable prices.

Manhattan is also home to a huge indoor mall called Pier 17. Here you can browse around the numerous shops in the mall and get a great view of the harbour. The top deck of the mall offers an awe-inspiring view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Another mall to visit would be South Street Seaport. This is an open-air mall with renowned brands, such as Coach, Abercrombie & Fitch and Gap.

Of course, people who wants to get indulged in some high-end shopping should head to Wall Street. This is where you will find designer retailers, such as True Religion Brand Jeans, Thomas Pink, Hermes, Tumi and Tiffany. You can even pick up a BMW, if you have the money!

A visit to the city without visiting Chinatown would be an incomplete shopping holiday. Make sure that Chinatown is part of your travel itinerary. While the best bargains may not be available here, it is a fantastic place to browse. Along Canal, Mulberry and Elizabeth streets, there are herbal and fish markets worth visiting. And, it is in these streets that you can pick up replica handbags, watches, shoes, sunglasses and perfumes. Chinese household items and spices are available at Grand Street and Centre Street.

The Lower East Side has the historic Orchard Street Shopping District. Here you can pick some great leather goods, linen, fabric, shoes and luggage. Check out the shopping area between Clinton and Allen streets. Here the latest fashion, modern club close, retro furnishing, Japanese toys and other quirky items are available.

Visit the popular SoHo shopping area. The area is famous for J. Crew and Old Navy outlets. The cobblestone streets give the area a distinct character where you can pick up original art from artists selling their art on several side streets.

In SoHo, Broadway is the best place to shop for high-end brands, such as Levi’s Tommy Hilfiger, BeBe, Bloomingdale’s and Prada. You can also visit a shop named Pearl River Mart to pick up fantastic Chinese teapots, kitchenware, Buddha statues and other items. The shop is at Broadway and you will end buying many souvenirs to take home.


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