New York City Sightseeing

New York City Sightseeing

New York City sightseeing offers an overwhelming experience for all tourists.

New York City has some of the most splendid, recognizable and cherished landmarks of the world.

Tourists throng around this place each year to enjoy and cherish this splendid beauty. With New York City sightseeing, there is so much to do and it offers an overwhelming experience for any tourist.

To help people better, we have come up with the most apt list of places to see in New York City in this article. 


When to Travel to New York City

1- Fall (September- November):

The temperature usually stays between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Pack a coat to warm yourself in these slightly lower temperatures.


2- Winter (December - February): 

The temperature stays between 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. However, such low temperatures don’t demoralize the people of New York who like to enjoy their Christmases. This can be considered an off-season with the exception around Xmas and New Year's Eve.

3- Spring (March - May):

With spring, the temperature slightly rises up. It stays between upper 40 degrees Fahrenheit and upper 60 degrees Fahrenheit. However, occasional rainfall does happen in this season. Hence, if you are traveling in spring, be sure to carry your raincoat.

4- Summer (June - August): 

The temperature rises quite high in this season. However, the climate remains humid. Hence, be sure to carry a few cool clothes to bear the days with 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the peak season, when most families visit New York.

Places to Visit

American Museum:

This was inaugurated in 1869 and has been constantly growing since then. Apart from being a museum, it also has a planetarium and exhibits that are permanent exhibits. They do have temporary exhibits offering variety to its visitors.

Central Park:

The park offers an escape from the thick concrete jungles of the city and has been in existence for more than 150 years now. It has scope for walking, boat riding and is an excellent picnic spot.

Empire State Building:

New York is a land of skyscrapers, The Empire city building offers and excellent view of the entire city and the surrounding areas. New York City sightseeing gets its meaning fulfilled only after visiting this building.

Grand Central Terminal:

The grand central is not just a hub for transportation, but has excellent shops, dining places and everything to keep its visitors occupied. The terminal is also a beautiful example of architecture offering free tours as well.

Met Museum of Art:

This is also one of the best places to see in New York City and has over two million art forms from around the world, and across centuries.  The museum offers a vast and extraordinary collection of paintings that appeals to any visitor.


This is one of the best New York City places to visit, all round the year. It is located in Manhattan and is famous for its Christmas tree and serves as an observational deck on top of the rock. It is also home to an ice skating ring, shopping and dining spots and radio city hall for music.

Statue of Liberty:

This symbolizes New York and is the first symbol that comes to the mind of anybody thinking of New York City. The monument is currently closed due to the Sandy Hurricane and was originally a gift to the US from France in honor of their friendly relationship. The statue denotes America’s symbol of Freedom and has been a welcome symbol for immigrants who come into NY for their livelihood. The inside of the statue is closed, while the Liberty Island and the Elis Island are open for public perusal.

Museum of Modern Art:

This is perhaps the first ever museum dedicated completely for contemporary art and has a collection of modern art including paintings, sculptures, architecture etc.