Never just order a simple coffee in Vienna, Austria

Never just order a simple coffee in Vienna, Austria

If you come to Vienna and don't try some coffee, you've missed one of the great reasons to come here. Vienna has a reputation for having an excellent coffee culture.

You should at least visit one of the countless traditional 19th century coffee houses where you can sit down, relax, and have some coffee. But please, never just order "coffee", for you could deeply offend the Herr Ober, the "senior waiter" of the coffee house. Vienna prides itself of its dozens of varieties of different coffees: Order a "Kleiner Schwarzer" if you want black espresso, a "Kleiner Brauner" if you want espresso with a little milk, a "Melange" if you prefer a cappuccino-style mix of coffee and milk and a "Kaffee Verkehrt" (or in the more modern places a "Kaffee Latte") if you like latte macchiato-style coffee with lots of milk.

Most cafés in addition to coffee serve beer and wine and sometimes liqueurs. Many serve meals, especially at lunch, and these are often cheaper than in restaurants.

Important: Unless you are at a takeaway coffe shop like Starbucks, never order coffee to go. All you'll probably get is a bewildered reaction by the staff. In Vienna, coffee definitely is slow food, to be enjoyed with friends or accompanied by a newspaper in a relaxed atmosphere.

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