Nepal During the Monsoon

Nepal During the Monsoon

Nepal attracts tourist from all over the world. 

Every year thousands of tourists come here for trekking and climbing. Some come here to visit the top places of Nepal during the Monsoon season. In the Monsoon, Nepal is converted to a heaven on earth. The mountains are covered by a white sheet of snow that is very picturesque.

Visitors come here for a variety of reasons. Some of the people come for climbing or trekking in the Himalayas. Nepal can be a great adventurous place and here you can have life-changing experiences. It all depends on the itinerary and mindset of the traveler.

Most visitors will spend some time in Kathmandu visiting the historic attractions of the country. Some of the most popular locations are Chitwan National Park for wildlife viewing.  Pokhara is also a popular area for starting your trekking tour. 


Top Attractions of Nepal

1. Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital and largest city in Nepal. It’s beautiful like no other city in the world. The decaying buildings in the heart of the city have a lovely atmosphere and also the beautiful streets. In Kathmandu you can also visit historic temples and carved statues. Kathmandu was one of the three rival royal cities. The Durbar Square, the largest of the palaces and a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must visit site. Temples and monuments are varied and most beautiful.


2. Nagarkot

If you want the best view of the Himalayan range from Nepal then Nagarkot is the best option for you. This is well known as a perfect hill station of Nepal. Nagarkot gives you breathtaking views of the Himalayan Mountains. Nagarkot is a picture taking destination. The place is popular for its stunning sunrise and sunsets. It is also a perfect honeymoon destination in Nepal. Nepal gives you best views on offer.


3. Boating on the Narayani River

If you love boating then come to the Narayani River. It offers you the best boating options for tourists. A boating experience is a one of a kind experience and provides great thrills. Here you can also birdwatch and enjoy bird sighting. Here you can also see various birds like the ruddy shelduck, red wattled lapwing, kingfishers and osprey.


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