Navigating Heathrow Airport With Kids

Navigating Heathrow Airport With Kids

Starting from art, culture and ranging to the likes of food and music, London has everything that it needs, to be the top most travel destination for people.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a regular traveler or not, it also doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone, with family or with friends, London has something or the other for everybody and all kinds of people.

But for the people who have kids and are traveling with them, they know what it takes to be traveling with them. For visiting London, you would need to travel through Heathrow airport and most people are very scared of how to manage kids at the airport.

Now, you do not need to worry about the whole idea of having to travel with kids as this guide is there to tell you some tips and tricks on the whole idea of traveling with kids at the Heathrow airport.

The guide will give you tips and tricks to travel with the whole family without having to worry about anything whenever you are traveling to or from the world’s most busiest airport, Heathrow airport.


1) Arrive Ahead of Schedule

To begin with, the major point which you have to keep in mind whenever you are traveling to or from the Heathrow airport is the fact that it is the busiest airport at all times.

This also means that the route to go to the airport is always full of people and cabs so make sure that whenever you are going somewhere from the airport, you reach the airport well before time. It does not hurt to be a bit early whenever you are traveling somewhere, so reaching the airport before time is one of the major tips that can be given (especially when you have a family traveling with you to the airport.)


2) Do Not Travel During Peak Hours

Next, whenever you are traveling to the airport make sure that you do not travel in the peak hours because it goes without saying that the peak hours mean that you have to face a lot of traffic. For the people who have no clue what the peak hours mean, the major time when most people go to the office (in the morning) and return from their office (in the evening) is the time which is known as the peak hours. 


3) Make Sure You Book Airport Parking Ahead of Time

If you have a vehicle which would need parking at the airport, make sure that you get the parking space booked ahead because this will have two benefits. Firstly, the prices would be very cheap and secondly, you would not need to waste much of your time to get a parking space. The advance booking system of parking at the Heathrow airport saves a lot of time and patience whenever you are traveling. Since the Heathrow airport is a very big airport in itself, the car park is a very big one too. You need to make sure that you have the correct map of the car park with you along with the correct directions that are to be given so that you do not have to spend much time having to find the correct place. This would ensure that you do not miss out on your flight while you were busy getting a car park.


4) Stay Near to the Airport

Next, if you are a person who is traveling to London and are looking for a place to stay then it is suggested that you stay close to the airport, which makes sure that you do not run late for any of your flights when you are put up in the hotel. 


5) Allot Time for Airport Shuttles

It is a very informative thing to note down that since Heathrow hotel is one of the busiest places, there are shuttles that run every 10 to 12 minutes from the airport terminal to the car park and vice versa so it doesn’t matter that you are coming to London or are leaving London. Make sure that you have enough time in your hands while you reach the airport for you might need to wait for the shuttles to take you to the airport terminal. There is also one very interesting thing that you can do when you are traveling to the airport for Terminal 5. You can go to the business parking and you would get these futuristic looking pods which get you to the terminal. These are very fun for the children and they also work on demand. So it would be a wonderful experience.


6) Locate the Fast Lane at Security and Miscellaneous Tips

Once you are inside the airport with your kid, try to locate the fast lane at the security. At the airport, you would get fast lanes during the peak holiday sessions of the kids which would ensure that you do not have to wait much. You should also carry a kid’s kit along with your luggage. There you would see that in the airport itself there is a place where you can wheel your kids inside rather than using the push chairs that you have for them. The only thing that you have to keep in mind when you are doing so is that extra hand luggage might not be permitted or maybe charged for. So no matter what you do, check the weight. Oh yes, by the way, do not forget feeding your kid properly so that they don’t feel too hungry and you have a great journey.