A Narrow Boat Trip on the Llangollen Canal

A Narrow Boat Trip on the Llangollen Canal

There are many things to do if you visit Britain.

An unforgettable trip though is narrow boat trip on one of the many waterways.

Most people might prefer the Norfolk Broads with its lovely villages. More scenic and exciting but also with more work though is a trip through the Midlands crossing the Penines or using the canal leading into Wales.


My favourite is the Llangollen Canal.


You pass many scenic little villages and towns and you do a long climb with the help of locks through the hills with your boat.

The canal leads you through tunnels and on aqueducts across valleys into Wales and finally to Llangollen.

You cannot do a circle but have to go back the same way you came. But despite this fact you will not find it boring because with clever cruise planning you stop at different places and therefore have always something new to explore.

And the view going back is new to you and you feel as if you come along the area for the first time.