Napier, the Art Deco city of New Zealand

Napier, the Art Deco city of New Zealand

Napier is a city in Hawkes Bay, on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. The city is famed for its Art Deco architecture.

The 1931 Napier earthquake and a subsequent fire destroyed much of the downtown business area. When this area was rebuilt, it was reconstructed in the prevailing Art Deco style. Now it is the Art Deco capital of the world. The demolition rubble was dumped along the eastern foreshore and turned into gardens and a recreational reserve.

The earthquake also raised the land by several metres. The airport and low lying land in the suburb of Pandora was previously an estuary. Some of the streets in the area have retained their original street type names that they had when they were on the coastline. Although the street may be called a quay or a bay it may be inland now.

Taxis are relatively inexpensive and can take you anywhere, anytime. The public transport system however can be a little confusing and unreliable. A new company recently took over the bus service and routes will likely be subject to change.

The city of Hastings is close by. Taupo is a two hour drive away, and Napier is Hawkes Bays gateway to the central and northern North Island.

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