Nahe - Western Germany - A Jewel for Cyclists and Walkers

Nahe - Western Germany - A Jewel for Cyclists and Walkers

When we came the first time to the Nahe Valley it reminded us so much of France and the French wine areas. The people are friendly, enjoy their peace and like their wine and avoid being hectic and too busy.

This year we came again to this wonderful area in the heart of western Germany. It is a place people just pass by on the motorway. When you look at he touristic websites of this area you think that this Nahe area is a hot spot for tourism.  You get the impression that it must be a busy and very touristic place. But it is not.

People like it slow, very slow and prefer to have time for themselves.

Most hotels and vinyards offer a package weekends. That makes it easy for them and with doing so they try to get the full lump of money just for themselves (bed and breakfast, meals, drinks, tractor and waggon rides through the wine hills, wine taste, barbeques and picnics). Avoid these places!!! They just try to get money as easy as possible and you have no chance to have some time for yourself.


If you prefer individual holidays then it gets difficult. But be selfconfident and make a point. No package stay.

Some hotels and places are willing to accept this nowadays. If you manage to find such a place then make sure that your rucksack contains always some food and drinks because.... people like it easy there. Many places only open in the evening from five o`clock onwards. But if/when they open you get good value for your money (meals and wine). Obviously this kind of running a business keeps many tourists (especially noisy people) away from this area. 

So most of the people you meet know that you must enjoy the scenery and the beautiful landscape and that you must be prepared to supply yourself during the day. But then it is wonderful. The package people are locked away and stay in their places anyway and the other people just relax and take it easy like the natives do. A wonderful atmosphere.

There are many good walking pathes and the bike tracks through the valley and it is just wonderful to ride along little bike pathes, roads with little traffic through beautiful scenery.


Insider travel tip:

Here a bike trip suggestion:

Set of from Ebernburg on a former railway track (catch a view of the Rotenfels = the highest cliff north of the Alps)! Go to Oberhausen. There you should try to find a vinyard (perhaps Christmann Faller) that offers you some good wine and a snack.

Go back towards Niederhausen and follow the sign Nahe bike track towards Sobernheim.

Do not miss the monastry ruine Dissibodenberg before Staudernheim. This visit is a must! It is not very well signposted but definitely a highlight. Then go into Bad Sobernheim and perhaps you have time for the "Barfuss Path".

You should continue the trip all the way to Kirn. Here you can catch a train back to Bad Münster am Stein. A little detour I would advise when you come to the river Glan. Meisenheim (11km up the river) is worth a visit. (very nice medieval town centre).