Mzoli's Magical Festivities - Sexy Butchery and a Young Vibrant Crowd

Mzoli's Magical Festivities - Sexy Butchery and a Young Vibrant Crowd

Oh Mzoli’s, how I love you so!

I first heard of Mzoli’s during my very first weekend in Cape Town, casually brought up amongst my co-workers.

“Yebo, what’s happening this Sunday?”

“Chilling out at Mzoli’s bru! It’s guaranteed to be hectic with the long weekend! We have to get there early; otherwise it will be a 3hr wait before we get any food…”


Some says that curiosity killed the cat, but I think curiosity gave the cat options!

If the cat didn’t follow the sweet vanilla scent and venture into her neighbour’s yard, she would have never found the plot of valerian! In case you didn’t know - valerian’s roots work as a semi-psychotic stimulant for kitties!

Off topic. Anyhow, I invited myself along for Sunday’s festivities!

And boy, I never imagined butchery’s could be so sexy…!

Mzoli’s certainly draws in a young, vibrant crowd!

We arrived at 10:30am and the music was blasting – my first encounter with Kwaito music!

Long queue of patrons lined-up outside the butchery, as we finally arrived at the counter, our friendly butcher pointed to the crisp, glass-shelved selection of meats. We chose our all-in-one appetizer/entrée, and gladly accepted our prize in a large enamel bowl!

I was clued in to always ask for “the secret sauce from ma Ugogo”


We turned the corner and handed our meats to the braai stand with the shortest queue! It’s truly an amazing business model, as local entrepreneurs setup braai stands outside Mzoli’s operates independently!

Now that is the true form to creating jobs for the local community! Sweetening the deal, we crossed the road into a seemingly ordinary house – to buy beers from the Mama in the kitchen! 

Having started as a small butchery selling meat out of the garage, Mzoli’s have surely come a long way!


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