My Dream Sydney Weekend Getaway

My Dream Sydney Weekend Getaway

Sydney is a great place to be – no matter if you live there or you’re just visiting.

But what I love the most about it is that it’s exactly where you want to be when you have a free weekend and you want to have a weekend escape away from Melbourne with your partner or spouse. Of course, a single weekend may not be enough to experience everything this glorious city has to offer and you’ll have to plan your getaway carefully.


Here Are My Top Four Suggestions of What To Do While in Sydney:

Visit Wendy’s Secret Garden

The garden at the foot of Brett Whiteley’s home in Lavender Bay has been tangled and overgrown for years. But after the artist’s death in 1992, his widow Wendy channeled her grief into turning this place into a garden full of natives, exotics and towering fig trees. In addition, there are loads of gulls, parrots, and wagtails chattering amidst all the greenery.

But the best thing about it is that you get to enjoy all the tranquility Wendy’s Secret Garden offers while looking at the world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is definitely my no.1 spot when I want to get away from all the stress and just enjoy the serene atmosphere.


Eat Under the Stars

Who says you have to stick to local cuisine when you’re visiting a new place?

Trust me, Sydney’s little piece of Singapore also known as Spice Alley is where you’ll want to have all of your meals once you give it a go. The reasons why this place is so popular among the locals is the number of dishes from across Asia you can try. It’s mostly famous for its authentic Singaporean dishes but there are also plenty of Thai and Vietnamese restaurants you simply have to try.

And the reason why I love eating here is an open-air courtyard where you can eat under the stars.


Hit the Road

Although there are ferries and choppers that can help you see the most famous monuments in the city, nothing beats getting behind the wheel and checking out less popular spots in the city. You can hit the road and visit all the cafes and restaurants outside the city center. This is just a perfect thing to do if you want to escape all the noise and have some privacy.


Explore the Taronga Zoo

What makes the Taronga Zoo so special is that as you walk along it, you get a chance to take a glance at Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House just as frequently as you spot wildlife.

If you decide to visit this amazing place, I recommend getting to the zoo entrance via the Sky Safari cable car. This is a complete new experience as you get to wave at all the chimpanzees, elephants, and giraffes as you go.

You can also stay at the zoo’s ‘Roar and Snore’ tents and lull yourself to sleep with animal sounds and the city’s lights in the distance.


So if you decide to plan a perfect getaway in Sydney, with just a little planning and preparation, you’ll be guaranteed to have a weekend you’ll never forget. Don’t hurry back home, you can always have someone look after your home and pets for a few days.

When you get to Sydney, start with these 4 suggestions, but make sure you come up with some crazy ideas while on the road and experience something new.