A Must Visit and a Go To Place in Leipzig

A Must Visit and a Go To Place in Leipzig

I've been to Leipzig twice now and I liked it from the beginning. It's an uprising city and it unfolds more and more the longer you stay.

Each city got a few things you shouldn't miss. In Leipzig this is the Panorama View by Asisi. And go there on one of your first days in the city, as you will walk through Leipzig different afterwards and with your eyes more open.

I got the info that it's a panorama of Leipzig and I haven't bothered to find out more. Well, I should have, as I wasn't too excited heading there. Leipzig is not really a scenic city seen from above, just like most others in the world.

When I arrived it was still sunny, but you could see the dark clouds coming closer and I expected the rain any moment. I had a guide waiting and I've asked, if we could walk on the viewing platform right away, so that I could take a few photos before it would start to rain. The guide gave me a startled look and we headed to the leftovers of the gasometer, which was open and without a roof. So we stood in the middle of it and then it started to rain. I took a few photos, but that was for sure not a panorama from Leipzig. At that moment I was a bit disappointed.

Then we headed into the even bigger gasometer and there it was – the must see place of Leizpig – the World's Biggest Panorama photo!

It is attached to the walls of the gasometer from the bottom to the top and the full 360° round!

Scale 1:1 and on 3,500 m²!

The photo shows Leipzig from the view of a tower and in the year 1813, the day Napoleon fled with his troops out of Leipzig and lost the historical Voelkerschlacht battle. This photo is not just massive in its size, but also in it''s quality. It was printed on the world's biggest printer (8 meters wide) and in a really high quality. Standing just half a meter in front of it, you see a clear picture.

Then there is the tower inside of the gasometer, which you can climb up, around 4-5 storeys high. With each new level you get a complete new perspective. From the top you see the city from a church tower perspective, which allows you to look all the way into the surrounding fields of the city.

This all gets topped by sound! In a cycles of 7-8 minutes a whole day get simulated with fires by night and shooting canons at sunrise.

Before you go into the inner room, there is also a bit more info abouTt the battle and background info. It's a good read and helps to “beam” you into the past. Also the making off video, which you can see before existing the gasometer is a very interesting watch. See also a nice short video here.


The Go To Place in Leipzig is the Porsche factory.

It's just outside of Leipzig and already entering the factory area will get car enthusiasts exciting. The parking slot is full of Porsche's and I've never seen so many on one spot. I did a tour through the factory and saw where the Porsche Macan, Cheyenne and Panamera are built. There is not a special order the cars gets built and each car got 1 million possibilities how it could leave the factory.

You can order a Porsche and pick it up at the factoy. If you shouldn't have the “change” for it, as it is quite expensive, then you should really consider to let you be driven on the house track! Two rounds costs € 160 (incl. the tour through the factory) and it's an experience you wouldn't expect and for sure won't forget! There are around 600 Porsches leaving the factory every day and people work in 3 shifts to master that. Still, each Porsche is a master piece of engineering and got the “racing spirit” in it, also if it's the “family” version Panamera or off-road version “Cheyenne”.

But on the Porsche race track you will get seated in a Porsche RS 4.0, which will accelerate you in around 3.8 seconds from 0 – 100 km/h!

That throws and pushes you into the seat!

And it is good that it's not you driving, as the guys know the car and the track perfectly and drives at the limit, drifting through the curves, challenging the tires, accelerating to full speed and demonstrating the quality of the brakes.

I got out of the car after two laps and was speak-less and I'm used to drive quick on the German Autobahn. I enjoyed it a lot and will start saving some money now and who knows... maybe sooner or later I'll get my own Porsche, which I will then pick-up myself at the factory in Leipzig or Stuttgart.


On my stay in Leipzig I've stayed in the PentaHotel, which is a cool design hotel. The reception is also the bar and there is a huge disco ball hanging above it. From there on, you'll find lots of small and cool details in the hotel. You will even find photos of the elevator online, a bit unusual, right? Well, the whole hotel got many details and provide a cozy atmosphere. The lobby is lively in the evening, which is often very unusual for hotel lobbies. There is a big fire place, a pool billiard and cozy sofas. The hotel is as well very centrally located and it's only a short walk of around 5-10 minutes into the city centre with its shopping street.