Must-See Places in Holland

Must-See Places in Holland

We arrived by boat at the Hook of Holland for a weekend of sightseeing, which is surrounded by container ships and tug boats.

Two hours later we were greeted by completely different scenery, the capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam.



We were strangers to the Dutch way of life but we developed a sixth sense for avoiding the tram and the bicycles quickly enough. We had to because there were thousands of cyclists in the city.

We hid from the hustling and bustling at the van Gogh museum where security was tight, but the paintings are beautiful. The depressed artist, whose work was not appreciated in his own lifetime, had painted some daring and bold paintings for us to look at. In his lifetime he had painted about 2000 artworks and at the museum there were more than 200 of his paintings on display.

The other part of the day was spent wandering along the canal through cafes, the sex museum and picturesque shops. Everywhere we went there was an exotic smell of hash or weed.

In the afternoon we went to the Anne Frank house where she wrote her famous diary while she and her family were hiding from the Nazi's. Behind a bookcase there was a secret door, where the family hid from the Germans. In the two floors and the attic she and seven others lived for two years before they were betrayed.

We went back to the hotel to get some rest for the second day and second destination. We took the train to Utrech which is only a half an hour journey.



Utrecht felt like the living, beating heart of Holland. The city was built around the old Dom tower. We climbed up the tower to have a view over the city. We saw lots of cellars, terraces and cafes along the canal.

There are also a lot of modern houses and a large and modern shopping centre where we spend the whole morning shopping.



From Utrecht we took the train to another tourist hotspot: Gouda. This small city with its gorgeous old city square is world famous for their production of cheese. They sell many varieties at the Gouda market place, which is dominated by a beautiful 15th century Gothic town hall.

With a belly full of cheese and dutch frieten, and with some lovely experiences of the country, unfortunately we had to go back to catch our boat again.

We'll definitely visit the Netherlands again!


Travel tip shared by Rens van der Windt