Must-See Destinations In Southeast Asia

Must-See Destinations In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is famous for wonderful and amazing destinations which will instantly attract tourists.

Furthermore, Southeast Asia is also known as a cheap and easy travel destination.


This post lists our must-see destinations in the area for tourists:

1) Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is the sacred sanctuary of the Buddhist land of Myanmar. It is so beautiful that even the most difficult visitors are hardly indifferent when it comes to this place. Despite the ravages of time, urbanization or Westernization, the color of Buddhism here remains intact and unchanging. The best way to travel is by the red dirt road to explore each temple.

Furthermore, one interesting activity is going up in a hot air balloon and watching the scenery of distant temples sunk in the soft light of the end of the day.


2) Bromo Volcano, Indonesia

Bromo is one of the five most active volcanoes in the world. Therefore, tourists always say that the place is one of the “must-see” destinations, which you have to visit at least one time in your life.

The most beautiful view here, is at sunrise. The Bromo Dawn is so beautiful that people are ready to line up at 3 AM- 4 AM in the morning to take a look.

A European traveler once wrote of Bromo’s dawn: “Standing on the edge of the deep hollow, the ground sometimes shakes after the growls from the huge black hole as deep as the ball below. The smell of sulfur smoke, the wind blowing, the feeling of cold, back in the journey to explore and experience the natural wonders on Bromo volcanic crater”


3) Phuket Island, Thailand

Thailand is one of the most famous countries for tourism because the country attracts tourists due to its wonderful landscapes. Phuket is considered as the pearl of Thailand with its long coastline and white sandy beach as well as blue waters. The beach is always full of palm trees and there are plenty of sporting activities.

Phuket is also famous for the presence of many of the world’s leading resorts with reasonable prices and quality professional travel services. These things contribute to making this beautiful island one of the top tourist attractions in Thailand as well as in Southeast Asia.


4) El Nido, Philippines

El Nido has topped the world’s most fascinating and discreet destinations as mentioned by the Times. El Nido which is one of the most beautiful beaches of Palawan is a destination with a lot of small and big islands where the vegetation is extremely rich.

Furthermore, this place is also home to coral reefs and countless colorful fishes that offer a truly irresistible charm. It is the reason why tourists say that El Nido was born for devotees of sea tourism and sea exploration. 


5) Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay is like the jewel of the Philippines, a vibrant but smooth and attractive jewel. The island which has a main beach with white sand, which is smooth and clean, stretches to 7km.

When visiting the island, you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities such as surfing or snorkeling. If you don’t want to participate in exciting activities, you can walk to the beach to admire this paradise and explore the tiny shops nearby. Boracay always brings new experiences for tourists.


6) Kinabalu Mountain, Malaysia

Kinabalu, located in the Sabah state of Malaysia is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia and one of the 20 most famous mountains in the world. Kinabalu has a low peak of 4095.2m above sea level with small clouds always covering it. When you reach the cloud and touch the top of the mountain, visitors will have a chance to admire its flawless beauty.

The mountain is not only a challenging landmark for rock climbing and mountain conquering enthusiasts but also a treasure trove of research for nature-loving visitors.


7) Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

Koh Rong Island is one island belonging to Sihanoukville of Cambodia which is considered as the forgotten island paradise with beauty at its heart. Therefore, if you are finding the ideal destination for a relaxing time from a stressfull life, Koh Rong Island is the best choice for you.

You can enjoy the moments of peace in the calm water, exposed to the soft sunshine or a nap, read a book if it makes you happy. The sea of Koh Rong is sparkling, light blue and always calm. In addition to activities such as bathing, diving and snorkeling, visitors here also enjoy exploring the island’s beautiful wild beach.


8) Ly Son island, Vietnam

Ly Son, which is the kingdom of the blue sky and the homeland of simple sea-loving people can conquer anyone, even the most fastidious tourist. The journey to explore Ly Son takes visitors through many pristine beaches and  fields of wildflowers.

Visitors can easily find themselves a private secluded corner of a beach because here there are seas with giant rocks that create secret hidden corners.


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