Muscat Travel Planner

Muscat Travel Planner

Muscat is the capital of Oman. It is additionally the seat of government and biggest city in the Governorate of Muscat.

Known since the early 1st century, this has been an essential exchanging port between the west and the east.

Muscat was administered by different indigenous tribes and also outside forces for example the Persians and the Portuguese Empire at different times as indicated in its history. It has also been under provincial military control in the 18th century.

There are ample things to do and places to see in Muscat.


Places to Explore in Muscat:

1. Nizwa and its Ports

Visit the old capital of Nizwa to investigate the most renowned structures, incorporating the 17th-century fortifications.

The place is also famous for silver jewellery. Drop down to the Jabreen cells and move to the highest point of towers on a full-day tour.


2. Wadi Al Abyadh

This is one of the best places in Muscat to watch meandering camels and get a sight of antiquated precipice houses as you pleasantly ride through lush vegetation on your path to Wadi Al Abyadh.

The place is bordered by sand rises and gigantic mountains to add to its majesty.


3. Half Day City Tour in Muscat

From the limited back streets of the Muttrah Souk to the far reaching Al Aalam Palace, this half-day tour offers a bird’s eye view of Muscat and is a must for all Muscat sightseeing options.

Visitors will learn about miraculous new building and Oman's antiquated history through a tour of this capital city.


4. Hajjar Mountains by 4x4

From the tallest mountain top in Oman to 400-year old mud-houses still involved today, this electrifying drive takes you to fascinating sights not dependably on the visitor guide.


5. Batinah Coast

Investigate the rich Batinah coast, specked with lovely beaches and angling villages.

Head to the range's smoking springs and stop at the See Fish Market. Complete your tour with a visit to one of Oman's most seasoned fortifications. This tour is a must on a Muscat sightseeing trip.


6. Dolphin Cruise

Over 21 types of whales and dolphins have been distinguished along the Omani coast, incorporating the rarely seen Blue Whale. This Muscat place to visit is a delight in a morning ocean journey and helps to get a quick look at some of these excellent animals.


7. Seaside Escapade

With staggering perspectives of the Arabian Sea on one side and rough bluffs on the other, this electrifying drive offers stunning vistas. Investigate the vacation spots and seaports of the Omani coast on a remarkable waterfront adventure.


8. Wahiba Sands

Tourists can enjoy the Wahiba Sands, an arrangement of sand rises extending 200 kilometres from the Eastern Hajjar Mountains to the Arabian Sea. The moving sands and golden tinted rises furnish the ideal setting for both the sentimental and brave.


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