Mumbai’s Taraporewala Aquarium

Mumbai’s Taraporewala Aquarium

If you love underwater species then one of the places that you must explore is the Taraporewala aquarium which is located at Marine Drive Mumbai.

This aquarium is the oldest aquarium in India and many tourists keep this place on their priority list while visiting Mumbai because it is one of the major attractions that you will get to see in this city. It is also one of the oldest in the city.


Features of Tarapore Wala Aquarium

What You Will Get to See?

At Taraporewala aquarium you will find innumerable freshwater and marine fish and you won’t be able to take your eyes away from them. This place was completely renovated and after that it was once again reopened for all the visitors in the year 2015. There is an acrylic glass tunnel running in this place which is 12 feet long and angular at 180 degrees. What people love the most about this place is that there are amazing pools where you can directly touch totally harmless fish.

Over 400 species of fish can be found here and not only fish- you will get to see turtles, sharks, moray, rays and many other sea creatures, which will leave you spell bound.


Taraporewala Aquarium Timing and Entry Fees

If you wish to know about the Taraporewala aquarium timing and fees then look at the following points mentioned below-

  • You can visit this place at all days except Monday. So, plan your trip on any day leaving Monday.
  • The Taraporewala aquarium timing runs from 10 am to 1 pm, after that there is a 1 hour break from 1 to 2 pm when visitors are not allowed, after that it is again open from 2 pm to 5 pm.
  • Talking about the ticket prices it is extremely low. For adults, it is just Rs. 60 and for kids below the age of 12 years as well as for all the government employees the fees is just Rs. 30.
  • If you are eager to click some pictures inside this fabulous place then you will have to spare some additional money for doing photography.


The Most Popular Attractions in the Aquarium 

People visiting this place fall in love with the oceanarium, the amphitheatre with seating capacity for 50 persons, the touch pool which is the favorite spot of all the children, fish spa for complete rejuvenation, LED lightning based ecosystem depiction, eye catching tanks with alluring sea creatures.

When you enter this place, you will come across the fact that this goes on to cover the ground floor which is not mentioned on the internet where a rosy picture is being presented. The tanks are tiny and the whole place is full of noise mainly because of the huge number of people who come to visit this place. It is a small place where there are fewer fish. You can go on to cover this place within a maximum of 30 minutes. You just cannot click any images and the photography charges tend to be on the higher side.


You will transcend to an amazing underwater world after visiting this mesmerizing aquarium and the memories of this place will remain with you for a lifetime.


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