On the Move: Travel Applications For Your Gadgets

On the Move: Travel Applications For Your Gadgets

Recent developments in the tourism industry have made travelers' lives a lot easier.

With the gadget era at our doorstep, the industry has enjoyed the introduction of travel applications, which are aimed to help travelers with a variety of everyday travel needs and challenges.



Triposo is a free offline round-the-world guide, and includes maps. The biggest advantage of this app is that there is no need to find a wifi spot for it to work. With over 25,000 destinations, about 6 million travelers have joined the Triposo community and are constantly sharing their travel experiences. A lot of practical information, including currency exchange and language peculiarities, is included in each guide. Opportunities for tour bookings, activity planning, and food \ accommodation spotting are also included. After downloading a Triposo destination, you can check for real-time information and are free to use the guide offline afterwards.

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Sunscreen is a free application that helps ensure you don't stay in the sun for too long.  You can set reminders so that your phone warns you when you've been out in the sun for too long and may need to reapply sunscreen.

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This is a popular app that works that brilliantly allows travelers to stay with locals for free.  Over time, it's become a well-known international community of budget travelers, mostly comprised of young backpackers. You can sign-up for free, create a mobile profile and scroll through the locals available at the site that you'll be visiting.  It's an awesome way to meet locals and even make close friends.
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Museums of the World

This app is a free mobile library of the world's museums, and includes all of the details you may want to know before visiting, from opening and closing hours to paintings exhibited and cost of entry.  This is a high-quality platform with an exhaustive list of establishments, which is especially beneficial when one considers that many small museums don't have a website.
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Food Spotting

Food Spotting is a free app that allows you to find and share real dishes served in restaurants. The application shows you the meal – both presentation and size – before you order it.  After downloading this app, you can create a personal account where you can store all of the dishes you've already tried and loved (or those you'd prefer not to order again).
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Jetlag Genie

This app costs USD $2.99 and was invented by two travel companions from the USA who regularly crossed the Atlantic and often suffered from jetlag.  Determined to beat it, they brought Jetlag Genie to life.  The app assists with acclimatization (one of the nastiest jetlag problems) by creating a personalized sleep schedule, providing you with clock adjustment notifications, and telling you when you should spend certain time intervals in darkness during the days leading up to your trip. 


Of course, don't forget about Google Drive (Android | iOS), where you can keep all of your travel and ID documents, as well as Google Translate (Android | iOS), which is an excellent translator and interpreter tool.