Mountains: 6 Perks of Camping in the Uintas

Mountains: 6 Perks of Camping in the Uintas

Enjoying all of the beauty that the state of Utah in the USA has to offer is easy from the high mountains of Uinta National Forest.

If you are thinking about a getaway to the Uintas in the future, consider the following six perks of camping in this gorgeous park.


Dispersed Camping is Available

If crowded campgrounds aren't for you, Uinta National Park allows dispersed camping in areas outside of designated camping grounds. These areas are quiet and completely secluded, making for an authentic wilderness experience. Since dispersed camping areas do not come equipped with running toilets, you may want to bring along a Turbo Toilet like those from Blackpine Sports.


Roadless Wilderness

To maintain the natural beauty of the Uinta Mountains, the use of vehicles has been prohibited in much of the park outside of designated campgrounds. If you enjoy the serenity and quiet of a long hike, take advantage of this perk by wandering through some of the most untouched scenery in Utah. This is definitely a great area to feel at one with nature and really get to see the beauty of the world.


Free Firewood

The Marinas near many of the Uinta campgrounds offer campers free firewood. This saves you the hassle of collecting your own wood and ensures that you have something reliable and dry to burn every night of your visit.


Great Fishing Accommodations

The campgrounds here all overlook beautiful bodies of water, and 500 of the 1000 lakes are able to be fished from Kokanee. Salmon, Bear Lake Cutthroat, and Rainbow Trout are most commonly caught in the area, and a fish cleaning station is available on the site. If you are a fisherman this is definitely the place for you!


Varying Intensity Outdoor Activities

With so many outdoor activities to choose from, the Uinta Mountains offer something for everyone. From leisurely hiking trails to intense rock climbing, everyone can enjoy the nature of this Utah National Park in their own way.


Scenic Drives

If you would rather take a scenic drive through the Uintas than hike by foot, there are several breathtaking highways that go up and around the high mountains. The highway climbs from an elevation of 7,000 feet to 12,000 feet, so it is a steep and beautiful drive you won't soon forget.


If any of the above six perks sound like something you could enjoy, consider planning a trip to the beautiful high mountains in Utah's Uinta National Park. There truly is something in these mountains for everyone regardless of interests, age, or physical ability.


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