Mountain Adventures in Madagascar: Really Rewarding!!

Mountain Adventures in Madagascar: Really Rewarding!!

There is definitely something for every taste and every level although my two selections hereafter are for the daring adventurers.

First, Marojejy. Even the name sounds thrilling :D  It is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the North-East of Madagascar. Imposing mountains and steep cliffs surrounded by lush rainforests home to unique and rare wildlife make this national park a true wonder.

It is naturally protected for it is difficult to access: Only by plane from the capital!

The rainforest is home to exceptional birds, rare lemurs and chameleons, among other astonishing wildlife.

This can be one of the most spectacular walks you will ever do. I guarantee!

That’s for the postcard...  :)

In reality heat and rain are the prices to pay to feel the ultimate wilderness here – and to discover the breathtaking views from the peak (at 2 132m). 04-05 days are ideal to reach the summit (elevation +1250m [4100 ft]. No matter what time of year, wet-weather gears and waterproof bags for holding cloths in backpacks are essential - and the most comfortable hiking shoes.

A tent and sleeping bag are not necessary if you chose to stay in any of the tented camps in the park. Excellent clear water is found throughout the park, so there is no need to carry bottled water; however, a filter and/or purifier can be brought as precautionary measure. Mosquito repellent and long pants tucked in socks will help to repel leeches. Other than scorpions, there are no dangerous animals.


My second selection is quite sportive as well: peak Boby - renamed peak Imarivolanitra which means “close to the sky” in Malagasy.

Located in the mid-south of the country, at the Andringitra National park, this is a quite popular route for hikers. For it is easy to access (paved road from the capital to the park entrance) AND spectacular! Granite peaks and escarpments, ring-tailed lemurs, waterfalls, gneiss formations and high altitude flora are to be discovered.

02-03 days are needed to hike to the summit which is the second highest of Madagascar: 2856m. The first being a strict nature reserve, closed to public.

Boots or good walking shoes are recommended as well as water, hiking poles, very warm clothes and sleeping bags – it is freezing at this altitude! Gloves and thick socks are needed. A swimsuit can be useful for a refreshing (freezing) dip in natural pools and waterfalls. Tent is needed as well. So a backpack to carry it with food and water is essential.

Once at Imarivolanitra, you will forget everything as you gaze at the peaceful moonscape.

Really rewarding!!