Moshi, Tanzania

Moshi, Tanzania

Moshi lies just south of the Mount Kilimanjaro. Moshi got around 150.000 locals and offers a more relaxed atmoshpere than Arusha. Moshi is also the base for many travelers who wants climb the Kili. That’s also why you’ll find many good Tracking Tour Operators here or in the higher lying town Marangu.

There are four travel tips which I can recommend you.

The first is the New Kinderoko Hotel & Hostel:
It’s situated in the centre at the Mazenzi Road and it’s got a secured parking area behind the house. But the best is the roof terrace! You’ll enjoy great views onto the Kilimanjaro, if the mountain is visible and not in clouds. They also have some really good food and the terrace is the place where you’ll meet other travelers and where to enjoy a nice cold beer with a great view. The prices are fair and the rooms clean.
They also have a hostel right next door, which we also stayed in. The prices there are cheaper and you get rooms with shared baths. That place was also very clean & I can recommend it. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We were still able to park our 4x4 at the Kinderoko Hotel.

Coffe Lounge
Northern Tanzania is famous for its coffee and if you like to have a good cup, that’s one of two good places to go to. It’s just around the corner of the Kinderoko Hostel. They also have an internet cafe in the back, which is a bit cheaper than in the Kinderoko Hotel, if I remember right. You can also sit outside in the back and enjoy some delicious snacks with your coffee.

The other place to enjoy a coffee is the “Our Heritage” Souvenirshop. It’s located close to the bus station. In the front you can buy some souvenirs like some nice Tanzanian coffee and postcards etc. In the backyard you will find a very nice and relaxed sitting area.

The Indo Italiano Restaurant is also just a block away from the Kinderoko Hotel and it’s a good place to eat... how comes: indian and italian. It might be crowded, so be early enough or come late, when others are leaving. I had a pizza and it was really good. My wife had an indian dish and that was also really good.


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