Moreton Island, a unique island wilderness close to Brisbane, Australia

Moreton Island, a unique island wilderness close to Brisbane, Australia

Moreton Island is a large sand island, 36kms long, covering 17,500ha, only 35kms off Brisbane forming the eastern boundary of the Moreton Bay Marine Park.

Moreton Island is a unique island wilderness located 35kms across Moreton Bay from Brisbane. It is 98% National Park protecting its unique vegetation, wildlife, freshwater lakes and streams and its magnificent coastal sand dunes.

There are 3 townships located on the Island Bulwer- a holiday village geared to deal with the travellers who arrive on the island and require food, bait and supplies. There is a small convenience and Liquor store (licensed), Taxi Service, Public Phone & Bait & Tackle Shop at the northern end of the township. Cowan Cowan and Koringal- famous for The Gutter Bar and Toulkerrie oyster Farm . There is also a private resort located on the Island at Tangalooma.

Indigenous cultural heritage includes shell middens that are evidence of thousands of years of Aboriginal occupation. The sheltered bay waters are home to various marine animals Moreton Island is a popular destination for four wheel driving, camping, snorkelling, swimming or just relaxing.

Driving One of the most enjoyable ways to visit Moreton Island is by 4WD. 4WD vehicles are essential for driving on the island. All vehicles must be registered and have a valid Moreton Island Recreation Area vehicle access permit.

For those who do not have a 4wd there is a 4WD Taxi Serviceon Moreton Island, based at Bulwer that can take you anywhere in the National Park or to accommodation at Tangalooma or in the townships of Bulwer and Cowan-Cowan.

Visit North Point which has "The Champagne Pools" a natural ocean pool hollowed out amongst the rocks; Honeymoon Bay; The Cape Moreton Light House; Blue Lagoon a natural fresh water lake;

Tangalooma Resort originally established as a whaling station; Cowan Cowan a coastal defence bases from World War II has relics as a reminder of Australia's involvement in WWII and Bulwer which provide panoramic views back to the mainland and the Glass House Mountains. The Grave sites still standing after over 100 years from people passing throught the bay.

See Doplhins, Turtles, Dugongs, plenty of fish life

Humpback whale watching off Cape Moreton move through moreton bay on their annual migration from June to November.

4WD down the Surfside, a long 40km stretch of white sandy beach, pass trough the thick bush of the Moreton Island National Park.

Go fishing, swimming fresh and saltwater, Snorkel or Dive the Tangalooma and Bulwer Wrecks, deliberately sunken ships, which are full of marine & fish life;
Enjoy beach sports, campfires, star gazing, bushwalking and sand boarding down some of the world's highest coastal sandhills. Walk up Mount Tempest the highest sand dune in the world.

The famous Gutter Bar at Kooringal provide high quality seafood, meat, meals and other services for the local area. Renowned across the island for their seafood that is fresh from the local trawlers and oysters from the clear local waters. A great way to end the day with a fresh beverage.

There is a range of holiday accommodation on Moreton Island at all the towns,

Moreton Island provides a variety of coastal camping experiences, some accessible by four-wheel-drive, others accessible by boat or close to barge landing points. You will need a vehicle access permit to drive on Moreton Island. Preferably bring a fuel stove. Open fires are not permitted at North Point campground. Bring your own firewood. All campgrounds and camping zones within the National Park and recreation area require a camping permit, which must be obtained before you arrive on the island at

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