Montreal: A Great Winter Destination

Montreal: A Great Winter Destination

Where are you heading next winter?

Towards the beach? Or maybe for some snowboarding/skiing?

What about a city trip?

I've been in Montreal, Canada for a few days in January and had an awesome time!

It was cold, snowy, action packed, gemuetlich (cosy), relaxed, wild and beautiful sunny!


What to expect and what to do when visiting Montreal in winter:

Get lost! That's what you should do everywhere actually and as well in Montreal! Take your camera, some pocket money and start wandering the streets! Find the sunny spots, stop in cafes to warm up with French cuisine (& sometimes even with French folk songs) or go underground!

Seriously! Get lost in Underground City! Walk and shop in a 32 km long tunnel system beneath Montreal! We had cold, but sunny weather, but if it would have gotten too cold, many of the shops you'll find on the streets are also connected underground! There are 10 underground stations, two bus stations, both train stations, hundreds of shops, restaurants, cinemas, hotels, event halls, the ice hockey stadion, offices and resident buildings and even both universities connected to the tunnel system. A total of around 80% of all offices and shops are somehow connected to Underground City. So let the snow and cold come!

But let's hope you won't need to stay underground your whole stay and just go there to explore it, like we did, as there is plenty of fun above ground!

What's the national sport for Canadians? Right! It's (ice)hockey! It seems like everybody is into it! I've never heard the word "hockey" so many times like in this week! The kids play it everywhere and the parents as well, or at least have to bring their kids to the training and games! If you have never tried it, you should do so when you are in Canada! OK, maybe first start with getting some practice on the skates!

Head to the Parc du Mont-Royal in the city center. Here you'll find "Le Pavillon", where you can rent some skates. Just next to it is the frozen "Lac aux Castors". You can as well rent snowshoes or cross country skies. Another option for ice skating is in the harbour! Yes! It's that cold that parts of the harbour should be frozen and there is a huge ice rink for you!


Montreal got many great restaurants, where you can see... no... taste the French influence! I've eaten lunch at Les 400 coups and it was yummy & gemuetlich! It was full, so make sure to reserve a table or come early!

Another top address to get some really delicious food is Evoo. Expect art on a plate, which tastes good! It's as well recommended to reserve a table, as seating is limited.


When have you last raved in an ice cube?

Check out the tunes here and now imagine you are outside with hundreds of others, the bass and rhythm moving you and the falling snow flakes!

There is one event, which you shouldn't miss, if you want to go wild!

It's the Igloofest, located in the harbour of Montreal!

Dress warm, as it's outside and crazy! I had the pleasure to be there on the last night and for the final 3 hours! It was epic and I wish they would have played the whole night! The venue is unique and I've never seen something similar.

There are two stages and both got its own very special flair! On the venue you find as well many fun events by the sponsors of the event.

The igloofest ends around midnight and then the people head into the old town where you will find several after hour parties!


After all those city activities, you might want to get into the nature and enjoy some time on your board... Great! Less than 2 hours north of Montreal you will find Mont-Tremblant! So it's in reach for a day full of fun, but I would recommend to stay overnight and even better for a couple of days as there are 90 pistes waiting for you!

Mont Tremblant is for sure a very fine ski resort with many different activities and a very nice spa to relax your sore muscles after raving through Montreal's nightlife or a day of snowboarding! The Spa-Mont Tremblant lies at a river in the forest and got several saunas, pools, relax areas and the river to jump in for a refreshment! Especially at night, covered in snow, it's a cosy winter wonderland!

I haven't had Montreal on my list as a winter destination before this trip! That changed now and I would love to go back for more!


Travel tip shared by Melvin for Traveldudes.


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