Money-Saving Tips for Venice

Money-Saving Tips for Venice

While Venice is both beautiful and breathtaking, it can also be a very expensive place to visit if you do not plan properly.

I have put together a few suggestions and things to help you save money when visiting this city on water.

Be aware that if you travel to Venice by car, you will need to be prepared to pay 30 Euros/24 hours. You will save yourself some money (and some hassle) if you can park on the mainland and arrive by transit.

Once you arrive, if you are not able to walk and transport your luggage to the hotel yourself, keep in mind that a water taxi can cost anywhere up to 70 Euros. A good option would be to take a water bus. I would recommend buying a weekly pass as it will work out cheaper than buying a one-way or even a daily pass, even if you don’t use it for the full week.


All hotels in Venice charge a 12 Euro tourist fee. This is in addition to your room rate.


There are huge discrepancies in the restaurant industry in Venice. One restaurant may charge you a fee just for sitting down, while the restaurant next door will not. One restaurant may charge 7 Euros for a beer, while the one next door will charge 3 Euros. When selecting a place to eat, shop around and ask to look at the menu, so you can read any fine print.

Try to book a hotel where the room rate includes breakfast. Even if it is a simple continental breakfast, you will, at least, get a small bite before starting a full day of walking. A lot of hotels offer this. You just need to know what to look or ask for when booking.

Keeping the above tips in mind should help you save some money, which you will be able to use for souvenirs or some other memorable activity.


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