Mobility campervans designed for family adventures

Mobility campervans designed for family adventures

Having a physically disabled member of the household does not mean that a family's leisure activity options are limited. It is still possible to enjoy a number of leisure activities using mobility campervans designed for family adventures.

Mobility campervans and other types of vehicles are adapted with a ramp that allows easy entry and exit and have a lowered floor that increases headroom. Mobility vehicles have other standard modifications features.


These features include:

  • hand controlled accelerators
  • steering controls which range from a steering ball to space drive
  • hand controlled brakes 
  • easy push and pull accelerator and brake controls
  • wheelchair hoists and securing systems
  • motorised seats with swivel seats and folding seats
  • hand operated clutches and push button gear selectors
  • manual or automatic steps
  • lifts, ramps and automated doors
  • modified pedals and convenient grab handles
  • modification to take several wheelchair passengers


Wheelchair accessible and drive from wheelchair vehicles

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are those that can accommodate a wheelchair. The floor on such vehicles are lowered to give a wheelchair passenger enough headroom and there is a ramp on which to get the wheelchair. The vehicles also have restraints as well as lap and diagonal seat belts to secure the wheelchair and passenger. Different models come with different optional features such as privacy glass, an electric winch and reverse sensors.

Drive from wheelchair vehicles are modified make it possible for drivers in a wheelchair to drive or for them to be driven while seated up front. Different models have different modifications but they have common features such as a flat floor, a tailgate and ramp that are remote-controlled and driver and passenger seats that are interchangeable. The brakes and emergency brake assist, mirrors and windows on these vehicles are electric and they have lowering rear suspension.


Out and about on mobility campervans designed for family adventures

One type of mobility vehicle is campervans. They make it possible to pack up the family and head off to an adventure wherever that may be. Campervans  typically come with the standard beds that fold out, a sink and cooker in the kitchen, bathroom and a pull out awning. Wheelchairs accessible motorhomes also referred to as RVs or recreational vehicles are made larger to accommodate a wheelchair passenger and to make it easier for them to get around. They are also adapted with a ramp to ride the wheelchair on and have a lower floor to give more headroom.

One of the most popular mobility campervans is the VW Panorama from GM Coachwork. It is a fully accessible campervan that is easily accessed from a side entry wheelchair lift. It makes it possible for a wheelchair passenger to drive oor ride upfront. It has a living area with a fold-down sink and hob, a dining table that slots into place and a built-in fridge. The bed is quickly done by folding the double bench seat flat and there is a second bed in the roof compartment.  A large family or group can increase living space by removing the front seats. Whether the destination is a nearby campsite, beach or the next state, this campervan makes it easy to get there in style and comfort.


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