Mkawer's Trails and Food Tales

Mkawer's Trails and Food Tales

If you think Jordanian traditional food is just about Mansaf.....

Well,......... think again!


While many people may opt to stick with only familiar and recognizable dishes, people with daring and ever-hungry taste buds -like us- are constantly tracing genuine traditional food.

As we are preparing to launch Exchange Tourism program in Mkawer - Madaba with Jordan River Foundation, we decided to take a different path to experience the culture & lifestyle of Mkawer, this time through the palate!


We began our trip by visiting Umm Sharif, where we learned how to make Shrak bread & Lazzagyyat.

We had our breakfast on wheel swings with hot cinnamon tea, then we headed to our next stop.


Our next stop was Fatima, who welcomed us in her residence with cold refreshing  Shaneneh. After meeting Fatima's family we were ready to help her cook Fweer and Rashuf.

We rolled our sleeves, tossed the onions, fried the potatoes and steamed the rice. (see picture)

Fweer was a signature dish &  immediately enlisted as one our favorite dishes, simple in process, so rich in flavor, and so in-the-mouth-dazzling. 

Ancient legend tells of an Arabian shepherd who 6000 years ago put his supply of milk in a pouch before making a journey across the desert. The rennet in the lining of the pouch, combined with the heat of the sun, caused the milk to form curds, and cheese was discovered.


As Madaba's residents are Bedouins in origin, they are known for their butter, yoghurt, Jameed and cheese making.

This is something we were very excited to experience.

Our third stop was to make Jameed. Haz'aa, a warm woman with a beaming smile showed us how to roll Labneh into Jameed balls. (see picture)


We concluded our magnificent culinary adventure by baking Arboud with Abu Ahmad, a whole wheat bread baked directly by coal.

The activity, the flow, the smell and most certainly the taste all made a very delightful day in Mkawer. Reminding us of the saying: "If you don't leave Jordan heavier, Jordanian haven't done their job "


Feel free to leave a comment & tell us about interesting culinary experiences and traditional food in your country, we would love to hear from you.


Written and contributed by Zikra Initiative