Minimize Delta Airline Baggage Fees For Your Air Travel

Minimize Delta Airline Baggage Fees For Your Air Travel

I've flown more (about 8 times a year) in the past 5 years than in the first 40 years of my life.

 I fly "on the cheap" and I dare say that at least half of my flight bookings have been with Delta. Mind you, they're NOT my favorite airline, and they were one of the very first to start charging for checked baggage.
Baggage fees drive me crazy, so since I have flown so much with Delta I decided to highlight their guidelines. Keep in mind that, other than the Skymiles specifications, Delta's size guidelines and other factors are pretty much the same as other airlines who charge for checked baggage.
Here are the Delta airline baggage fees guidelines:
 For free, you can bring the following carry-on baggage:

1. One bag as long as it meets these criteria:
- Its size must not exceed 22” x 14” x 9” (56 x 36 x 23 cm) or 45 inches (115 cm) [length+width+height].
- It must easily fit into the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. (Carry-on Baggage Check located near check-in counters and at the gate are available to find out if your bag fits.)
Note: Make sure your one bag meets the above criteria. You don't want to pay extra fees.
2. One personal item listed below:
- Purse, briefcase, camera bag, or diaper bag
- Laptop computer
- Item similar or smaller size as above
3. Additional Items below:
- Jacket or umbrella
- Food or drink purchased after security checkpoint clearance
- Duty free merchandise
- Specialty items: strollers, child restraint seats
- Assistive devices: wheelchairs, crutches
Depending on your purchased cabin class and/or SkyMiles Medallion membership if you have one, strictly comply with Delta's checked baggages requirements and fees below:
Standard Economy    
First baggage* - $25 
Second baggage* - $35 
Standard Business Elite, First, Business
First three baggages** - Free
SkyMiles Medallionm Diamond, Platinum, Gold Economy
First two baggages** - Free
SkyMiles Medallion, Diamond, Platinum, Gold Business Elite, First, Business
First three baggages** - Free
SkyMiles Medallion Silver Economy
First baggage** - Free
SkyMiles Medallion Silver BusinessElite, First, Business
First three baggage** - Free
*Baggage weight: 50 lbs. (23 kg.)
 Baggage size: 62 in. (157 cm.) [length+width+height]
**Baggage weight: 70 lbs. (32 kg.)
   Baggage size: 62 in. (157 cm.) [length+width+height]
Avoid carrying additional, overweight, and/or oversized baggages. You don't want to pay extra fees as follows:
Additional Baggages  
3 - $125
4 to 10 - $125 each
More than 10 - Not allowed
Overweight Baggages        
51 to 70 lbs. - $90
71 to 100 lbs. - $175
More than 100 lbs. - Not allowed
Oversized Baggages  63-80 in. (161-203 cm.) [length+width+height] - $175
More than 80 inches (203 cm.) [length+width+height] - Not allowed
I travel much lighter than I did several years ago, and it's ALL because of baggage fees. I pack fewer clothes and opt to do a load of laundry rather than have to pay baggage fees. Even just one checked bag adds $50 to your trip cost because it's $25 each way.
If you aren't able to travel light, I encourage you to consider other airlines like Southwest or JetBlue. Both airlines allow at least one checked bag free. In the case of Southwest, they allow two free checked bags!
Hopefully, the above information will guide and help you plan ahead so you can travel as light as possible and make your trip less stressful. 


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