Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg - Exploring the World as a Giant

Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg - Exploring the World as a Giant

Would you like to see the world out of the eyes of a giant?

Just once?

Would you like to get impressed?

Then visit the Miniatur Wunderland on your next visit in Hamburg!

You'll find it right in the Speicherstadt, which is a must visit sight, when traveling to Hamburg.


The Miniatur Wunderland is the world's biggest toy train construction where over 900 digital controlled trains roll on over 13 kilometres of tracks on 1300m²!

But it's not the size which is impressive already!

It's the action!

Have you ever seen an airport in the scale of 1:87 running?

Serious! It runs pretty much like a usual airport! Flights get taxied to and off their gates. They head to the runway and even lift off and land!

It's incredible to see an Airbus A380 landing, especially in the scale of 1:87!

There might even be an emergency landing of an old plane, so that the fire trucks gets positioned with lights on at the runway.

To built this airport a lot of effort and investments were necessary! They worked on it for 6 years and spend around 3,5 million Euro! But you'll see, it was worth it!


There is more than “just” a huge airport!

They rebuilt different parts of the world in different sections. You'll find as well Hamburg and a coast line where huge ships float along, just like on the real river Elbe, which is also a good spot for a beach holi-day on your visit in Hamburg. You'll as well see other parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the Alps, Las Vegas, Miami, Scandinavia and probably more.

That's not enough? Every 15 minutes the whole landscapes will change from day to night time. Lights gets switched on everywhere. In the houses, on the streets, even the cars... Everywhere! Especially fun is Las Vegas, the airport, the big Hamburger football stadion and the rock concert at night time.

Here and there you'll find switches, which you can press. See what happens! Maybe you'll let the Space Shuttle start?


You can also see how everything gets managed. You can stand right behind the control center, which got over 40 computers and 70 screens, which gets handled by around 5 – 7 people.

The Miniatur Wonderland and the Speicherstadt is easy to reach. Just take the subway to Baumwall. From there, cross the bridge to the Speicherstadt and turn left into the first street, “Kehrwieder”. After a few meters you'll find it on your right hand side.

We stayed at the Mövenpick Hotel in the hip district “Schanzenviertel” in Hamburg, which is an old water tower. Schanzenviertel and the Mövenpick Hotel are really unique and worth to check out. From there and the underground station “Sternschanze” it's only 4 stops to reach “Baumwall”.


Enjoy exploring the world with the eyes of the giant and get impressed by the scale of 1:87!


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