Middle-East: The Epicentre of Fantasy

Middle-East: The Epicentre of Fantasy

For the people who have been suffering with travel thirst and passionately on a look out for newer destinations at all time, Middle-east, for them, might be considered as a dream destination.

Ever since a person from the western world reads Arabian Nights for the first time, normally in their childhood, fantasies regarding the oriental world are created in the subconscious. As such, this is a destination which people knowingly or unknowingly opt for. Once you reach there you will be surprised to find out the blend of culture, nature and modernism which, mostly, is a soothing and mysterious experience.


The entire Middle-East comprises of places which cannot be ignored while making the schedule for your travel. But there are certain places you can ill afford to miss.

  1. Cairo: - Cairo provides you with exclusive travel destinations like Egyptian Museum, Khan el-Khallili, Al-Azhar Park, The Hanging Church, the Pyramid of Djoser, Giza Necropolis which is the site for the renowned pyramids and the Great Sphinx. This is a historic option for the travellers which also provide them with a lot of knowledge regarding the Egyptian culture.
  2. Tel Aviv: - Apart from the famous beach life and the night life, the beauty quotient of Tel Aviv depends on the even more famous Bauhaus constructions in the White City Architectural Area. Apart from these it also provides the venue for the Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Yarkon Park, Beit Hatfutsot, Jaffa Port, Bialik House to mention only a handful.
  3. Riyadh: - The capital of Saudi Arabia and one of the most important financial hubs of Asia Riyadh is situated at the centre of Saudi Arabia amidst the desert. The other spots for travelling in this destination are the Masmak Fort, National Museum of Saudi Arabia, Jabal al-Lawz, Jawatha Mosque, Royal Saudi Air Force Museum, etc.
  4. Medina: - Medina is a city which provides the religious value to your travel. One of the most important city of the Islamic world, Medina is famous for AL-Masjid an-Nawabi, Quba Mosque, Al-Baqi, Mount Uhud, Mada’in Saleh, Green Dome, etc.


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