Melbourne: An Insight Into One of the World’s Most Spectacular Cities

Melbourne: An Insight Into One of the World’s Most Spectacular Cities

In countries such as the UK, so-called capital cities dominate the landscape and serve as the ‘go-to’ location for international visitors.

While these destinations are always busy and thriving hubs of activity with plenty to see and do, there are a host of other major cities that often go undiscovered despite offering considerable attractions and opportunities for adventure.


Melbourne: A Haven of Traditional and Popular Culture

Take Melbourne, for example, which is a haven of traditional and popular culture that sits behind Canberra and Sydney in the plethora of Australian tourist locations. From its thriving gambling scene (which as grown by $15m in 5 years) to its range of high class eateries, Melbourne is a place that you must strive to see in your lifetime.

So where do you start when planning your night out in Melbourne? An early evening supper is ideal, and you will be spoiled for choice when you visit this iconic Australian city. To refine your selection, you should target the famous Exhibition Street, which is home to a number of good value, fine dining restaurants that offer a diverse range of cuisines. Take Cookie, for example, which takes fiery Thai cooking to a new level and refines it into an art form. Owned and run by renowned chef Karen Batson, the location serves up raw dishes of whole green prawns and cured kingfish with a garlic chilli dressing that will delight your pallet. The Magic Mountain Saloon is another popular option on Exhibition Street, as it serves up similarly unique and innovative Thai dishes within a diverse and varied setting.


Exploring Melbourne by Night

Once dinner has been completed, you and your party could head down to the popular Theatre district. Here you can enjoy all of your favourite shows, as Melbourne has a deceptively large theatre culture that is arguably behind only London and New York when it comes to diversity. Globally renowned shows such as The Lion King and Hamlet can be located in Melbourne, while there are also local options such as ‘The Australian Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty’ (which is currently the number one theatre show in the city. With a range of shows ideal for adults and family members alike, the theatre scene in Melbourne continues to boom.

After a long and exciting night under the bright lights of Melbourne, what better what to celebrate than with a trip to the lavish Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex located on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne? Boasting both stunning views of the riverside and the famous South Bank, it is approximately 510,000 metres square and the largest complex of its type in the whole of the world. This is no small feat, and the fact that the resort has a fun and relaxed atmosphere makes the ideal location in which to end a fun evening on the town.


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