Melacca, Malaysia: Where to Stay

Melacca, Malaysia: Where to Stay

Melacca is a UNESCO heritage site located about 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The state is small but since public transportation here is not as efficient or as modern as in the neighbouring states, you must plan your accommodations well.

To decide where you should stay, decide what you want to see.

Ask yourself what kind of hotel you can tolerate and decide if you're getting here by your own car or public transportation.


City Centre Area

If you wish to see the historical part of Melacca, the best place to stay is in the city centre.

This is where you'll find the ruins of the A Famosa fort (the oldest Dutch fort in Asia) as well as other historical buildings and a great concentration of museums. And since the city centre area is also near the famous Malaccan river and straits, this also the perfect place to experience the old Melaka. You'll be able to see antique stores, old houses with tiles made from China, historical mosques as well as get a taste of Chinese and Portugese food around the famous Jonker Walk night market.

In fact, this place is perfect to stay for all budget. If you are here for your honeymoon, try the Casa Del Rio by the riverside. But if you're on tight budget, there are plenty of cheap hotels in the Chinatown area. They should cost you around USD 30 or less per night.

The good thing about staying in the city centre is most of the attractions are within walking distance. Secondly, finding tasty Malay, Chinese or Peranakan food should not be a problem. But since the roads here are actually narrow lanes, parking your car will be a headache.


Ayer Keroh Area

Some people with cars prefer to stay near Ayer Keroh.

This area lacks history but is full of attractions. And compared to the ones in the city centre, most of the hotels here have a private parking area.

Ayer Keroh is also the place to see of Malaysia's best zoo. It is also home to a butterfly park, a crocodile farm and a small waterpark that is perfect for small kids.

There are a few other places you could stay in if you plan to see Malacca. But these are the two most important ones if you just want to see and experience days of spice and gunpowder.

Choose wisely.


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