Meet the East and the West on a Yacht in Turkey

Meet the East and the West on a Yacht in Turkey

Turkey - the meeting point that melts the east with the west can easily turn into a lovely holiday for anyone: nature lovers, photographers, sun adorers and finally: yachtsmen.

A yacht charter in Turkey is a lovely opportunity to get yourself fascinated by the beauty and tranquility of the turquoise waters while you explore the rich and adorable culture that is imprinted in every corner of every place that can be found in Turkey.

The hospitable locals, the great climate, culture, lovely coasts – and finally, the tasty food that are all found in one country – make it the perfect destination for the upcoming sailing holiday.


Aegean or Mediterranean

Aegean or Mediterranean? Charter a yacht and explore both at the same time.

The seas that are widely known as the ‘seas of the gods and the goddesses’ are exactly these two: the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea. What can be more fulfilling for an experienced sailor or the one that goes sailing for the first time than meeting and exploring the two seas on the very same holiday?

The infinite untouched natural beauty of the Aegean will probably leave you speechless, while the pleasant Mediterranean sun and the lovely colors and sounds of the sea will put you into a completely harmonious state of mind.


The Starting Point of the Yachting Trip

Your yacht can take you wherever you want to. Don’t be too careful choosing the best places to visit, as there is no such place as ‘less good’ here in Turkey. Still, if you need a starting point and you ask some experienced sailors, they will be unanimous: start from Kusadasi and Ephesus. The antiquity that can be found in these two cities are a must-see for a start.


Ancient Cities to Visit

While talking of antiquity, the ancient cities that you must see if you are a culture lover are Milet and Priene, where the Temple of Apollo is waiting to be discovered.


Bohemian Places to Visit

If your yachting spirit is mixed with a touch of bohemian, then you shouldn’t miss Bodrum, the swinging town that gathers artists and the good life – lovers in one place. Moreover, the marina is considered as one of the best marinas in the Mediterranean Sea, full with great facilities for the yachtsmen. After Bodrum, your next stop should probably be Gocek, as it’s known for the well-equipped marinas surrounded by thousands of coves and many islands waiting to be explored.


Lycia: The Meeting Point of Two Seas

If you are eager to find out the meeting point of the two seas, Lycia is the answer. Located by the touristy Marmaris and the lovely Antalya, Lycia marks the beginning of the Mediterranean and the end of the Aegean coast.


Where to Visit for the Mountain Lover

 For the mountain lovers, the two stops that can’t be missed during this extraordinary holiday: Antalya and Kemer. They are both approachable with a yacht, and still have a surrounding that you won’t leave easily: a dream landscape with turquoise waters and high green mountains above. Reminds you of your best dream, right?

For that dream to be fulfilled in the proper way, you need the perfect yacht that will make this trip more than pleasant.


Why wait? Holiday time is approaching, so choose your yacht and prepare yourself for the most unforgettable sailing time ever.

Wishing you a lovely Turkish holiday!