Mataking Island Scuba Diving Vacations

Mataking Island Scuba Diving Vacations

An absolutely idyllic Borneo Island Resort in Sabah. For those looking for scuba diving vacations, don't make your travel plans before taking a look at Mataking Island in Sabah. On Mataking Island, you can indulge in being a beach bum or spend your days scuba diving. I have found the perfect island getaway, located in a perfect setting. Picture this, white sandy beaches, coconut trees, surrounded by the sea. Beautiful chalets, modern facilities and a resort spa. This is as good as it gets in Sabah. Located in the vicinity of the world famous dive site, Sipadan in the Celebus Sea. This is The Reef Dive Resort on Mataking Island.

The Reef Dive Resort is built on the island constructed in traditional architectural design that reflects the local native culture and lifestyle. The Resort accommodates about up to 70 guests, in rooms equipped with air-conditioning, attached bathroom with hot shower and fresh water, and other amenities. The accommodations are 8 King’s executive Chalet (bungalows), 12 Premier Deluxe & 12 Deluxe rooms (lodges). As befits it name, The King’s chalets are spacious (700 sq ft) with wide sliding doors that opens out onto a private sea view balcony, and comes with an attached bathroom where guests get to soak up in a tub while enjoying the serenity of the sea view or sunset.

Getting There
There are flights that fly direct to Tawau or via Kota Kinabalu, depending on your point of origin. Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines also fly direct from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau. When you land at Tawau Airport, there will be a van or coach that will transfer you to Semporna. From Tawau airport to Semporna jetty is about 1 and a half hours by coach.

Semporna is the transit point for guests going to Mataking Island. So, you will set off at Semporna jetty for a 45 minute boat ride to get to The Reef Dive Resort. However, the boat departs for the island twice a day, at 9.30 am and 4.00 pm. So if your flight gets in after 2.00 pm at Tawau Airport, you won't make the last boat. In that case, you can either spend the night in Tawau or Semporna. I would recommend Tawau since the night life in Semporna is really quiet.

When it's time to depart from the island, the boat leaves at 11.00 am and 2.00 pm. Make sure you book your flight accordingly. It's best to confirm the departure date with the sales office, or less you might miss your flight altogether.

The Reef Dive Resort at Mataking is the ultimate base for exploring and experiencing this pristine corner of the world, with over 30 different dive sites to choose from, covering not only Mataking but also 6 neighboring islands. This is a scuba diving vacation spot, and a haven for underwater photographers. You must see the video for the amazing underwater marine life. You can rent digital cameras with underwater casing for those amazing snapshots of the marine world.

You can take a break from your scuba diving vacation, snorkeling is just as much fun. How about fishing trips to the nearby islands, or go ocean kayaking? Grab a picnic lunch and go for a walk. Night time activities include jungle trekking and turtle watching.

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