Marvelous Times at the Island Yoga Retreat, Koh Yao Noi

Marvelous Times at the Island Yoga Retreat, Koh Yao Noi

Have you ever come to a place and felt like never ever leaving again?

I had this exact feeling when I arrived at the Island Yoga Retreat on Koh Yao Noi, Thailand.

After weeks of traveling with friends, I decided to find a decent place to chill out, detox and recharge my batteries – going to the yoga retreat was the best decision and one of the highlights of my trip!


The first yoga class started off just five minutes after I arrived and helped me both to relax and get new energy - thanks to one of four amazing teachers I had the chance to learn from. Whether David, Geda, Laurence or Évi, every single one of them has a unique and fascinating way of teaching! I also immediately fell in love with the atmospheric wooden yoga sala, providing an amazing view on flowers, palm trees and colorful butterflies… One quick shower in our cozy and comfortable bungalow later, I joined my two lovely roommates to have dinner at the retreat restaurant. Deciding what to take is a tough decision, I can highly recommend the pumpkin curry!

One calm and relaxing night later, I was ready for the typical day at the retreat!

David, the inspiring owner, gives early morning Tai Chi classes that everyone can attend. At the beach! During sunrise! So even for sleepyheads like me, there is no excuse to miss this unique experience. The Tai Chi is followed by the first of the two daily yoga classes. As morning sport and meditation make quite hungry, all of us yogis went to have breakfast together afterwards. I was definitely not prepared for this great choice: from fresh fruit juices to fluffy pancakes, sticky rice with mango or Thai noodles, there was more than I could have wished for!

On my third day, after discovering the island with its secret beaches and lovely cafés, I decided to sign up for the „Mystical Mangroves“ kayaking tour. After an amazing boat trip along the karst rocks in the surroundings of the island, we picked up our kayaks... Some local guides told us everything we wanted to know about the different animals and plants along the way. It was an amazing experience for me to float along the mangroves while watching fishing monkeys, mudskipper and all kinds of different crabs and fish! At the end of the trip, we were treated with some nice lunch and a refreshing swim at a secret beach on a tiny island somewhere in the Andaman Sea…


What can I say... I will be back!

What about you, are you interested?

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