Marrakech: Survival Tips

Marrakech: Survival Tips

Ever wanted to be in a place where you can wander around aimlessly and bask in the beauty of your surroundings whilst having the comfort that you are perfectly safe?

If so, then we highly recommend Marrakesh.

From the moment we landed in this captivating city we knew we were somewhere special, from the enchanting smell of spices to the painted red buildings, the soul of this land is visible to see and welcomes you with open arms.


Marrakech Survival Tips

Brush Up on Your Haggling Skills

Our main tip for when you visit Marrakesh is to brush up on your haggling skills. For Brits like us, it doesn’t come naturally but after trying it out on a few souk vendors and taxi drivers, you realise it can actually be quite fun. If, even after haggling, you don’t like the price, then be confident enough to walk away. Most of the time you will find that a souk a few doors down will sell the same item and be happy to sell it at the price you want or the original vendor will chase after you and agree to your price.


Brush Up on Some Basic French

Arabic is the main dialect here but French is widely spoken so a few simple words and phrases will come in handy:

How much? - "Combien?"

Where is....? - "Ou se trouve...?"


Rules for Taxis

Taxis have meters that they should use so before you get into a taxi either check that they will use their meter or agree to a fixed price for your trip.


Carry Spare Change

It is always a good idea to carry around loose change on you incase you ever need directions, it will cost you a dirham or 2.


Getting Around the City

Getting around Marrakesh is quite easy. You can either take the scenic route and walk, or take a taxi which are very easy to get. If you do prefer walking then we recommend getting a map of the city which you can pick up from your riad or hotel.
If you'd rather take taxis then we would recommend catching one from the main roads, and not from outside hotels, as it is easier to haggle with them.


Currency and Monetary Transactions

The currency of Morocco is Dirham and is generally not found outside the country so you will have to exchange your money upon arrival into the country.

Debit and Credit cards are widely accepted in Marrakesh but if you want to carry some cash on you then we recommend you use local bureaus or banks for the best rates. You can also change money at the airport, hotels and riads. Just make sure to keep hold of your receipt as you might need to convert some money back when you leave.

Do not bring Scottish, Gibraltar or Northern Irish Sterling notes as they are impossible to cash, as are Australian, New Zealand and Singapore Dollars.


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