Margarita Island, Venezuela

Margarita Island, Venezuela

Margarita is a Venezuelan island in the Caribbean Sea and is part of Nueva Esparta state. Margarita Island, the Pearl of the Caribbean, lies a short distance off the northern coast of the mainland of Venezuela. It’s easy to live here, and it’s easy to get here just 10-11 hours from Frankfurt. U.S. and EU citizens don’t need a visa to visit Venezuela. The climate is warm and steady…vacationers visit Margarita all year long! Dozens of beautiful beaches await you, from pristine, isolated beaches on the west side of the island, to long, tropical beaches full of interesting people…artisans, surfers, golfers, fishermen, businessmen, natives and visitors. The east side of the island is full of tropical trees and flowers; the west side is an isolated desert that contains several breathtaking beaches.

Many visitors enjoy the island’s duty-free shopping, and in the evening , a sparkling nightlife awaits you, full of beach bars and discos, salsa clubs and fine restaurants.

From here, you can plan a day trip to the nearby islands of Coche or Cubagua, or to other destinations on the island. Or perhaps you’d like to visit some of the breathtaking natural wonders, such as the stunning, colorful waters of Los Roques islands, Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, Canaima, an indigenous village with breathtaking jungle, waterfalls and land formations, or the Andes Mountains, clean and crisp.

Whether it’s for hiking in the mountains, exploring the mangroves of La Restinga National Park, visiting Spanish Colonial historical sites, swimming with dolphins, horseback riding, exquisite spa treatment, a shopping trip to buy a hammock made on the island, a visit to a charming maritime museum, fishing or sailing, you will find it quite easy to arrange your daytrips. You will enjoy the calm pace of the island’s inhabitants, the lively stories of those who have moved here from other countries, and the intellectual stimulation of those Venezuelans who have moved here from the mainland to live a more peaceful life…you will feel!

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