On Margarita Island and El Yaque beach, your dream can come true

On Margarita Island and El Yaque beach, your dream can come true

When we think about vacations we pictured a great landscape; a tropical drink and our body resting on a hammock…

Well, in Margarita Island, Venezuela, your dream can come true.

Margarita Island is the largest island of the Nueva Esparta state and is situated in the Caribbean. Also, is the neighbor of two other smaller islands: Coche and Cubagua.

Just for general knowledge, always is good to know things, like the capital of the island is La Asuncion, a very nice and old town that you can visit to take some pictures. The truth is that Margarita has different things to offer and you can do it all or choose.

Buying a postcard you can decide where to go; yes, is just that simple! Years ago, I did a trip through the entire island and it was such an experience. You can do it finding a nice taxi and arranging the deal, the cost has to be close to 80$ for five hours.

From “corner to corner”, Margarita shows different beaches going from red sands to grey ones, between calm waters to wild waves, interesting people to meet and great sea food everywhere.

You can get to Margarita by ferry (from Puerto La Cruz, a city in the cost of the country) or air, arriving at the international airport, both located in Punta de Piedras. From here, if you go to Pampatar or Porlamar (cities with malls, nightclubs and big hotels) take a taxi for 15$.

One of the largest towns on the island is Pampatar (50,000 citizens) here you have to choose between several malls as Sambil Margarita, Rattan Depot and crowded beaches with beautiful sunsets.

Another options are La Asunción or Juan Griego, you can find small shopping centers and beaches. Besides, La Galera is a fortress not far off the city centre, where, in the early 1820s, a fierce battle for independence was fought. It’s a great spot.

Talking about beaches, there are at least 50 to know in the island. Punta Arenas is far but wonderful, just a few locals and you, here you will have a unique view… One of the most popular in the region is Playa El Agua, great waves and all the service, including hotels and guest houses.
Another one is Parguito, this one can be described with just one word: fun. Full of surfers and young people.

But in my personal opinion, once you have know all the island, if you want to live a different experience -just you and the beach-, choose El Yaque beach to stay and spend your vacation. Is located very close to the airport, and I have been there like 10 times in the last five years and I have to say is never the same.

One of the good things about El Yaque is that you have all the accommodations and services. To have a picture of the destination, imagine a coast full of small hotels, five or six stores, hundreds of kites, windsurfers and you.

To stay, I recommended Windsurf Paradise if you go with your love or just a friend. The rooms are big, you have breakfast buffet and the areas as the restaurant, bars and swimming pool are beautiful and in front of the main beach. The prices go from 40$ to 140$ per night.

If you come to the island with your crew, thinking about a drink and having fun, another recommendation is Yaque Motion. Is a guest house cheap and clean (the same price of a suit for two in one of the biggest hotel is the same price for an apartment for seven people -130$), just 10 minutes walking to the main beach, has a swimming pool, free internet and kitchen sharing.

Once you are in El Yaque, you can not miss the spectacular drinks of Sharks, a restaurant/bar that serves the best food in big plates! Around 10$. At night, music takes the beach with different Djs and parties, its fun everywhere!

And off course you can not return to home without trying practice windsurf or kitesurf. Classes goes from 40$ to 200$. And you can arrange a visit to Coche too, another small island with blue waters and white sand, perfect to practice sports.

The best wind season starts in November until May and the best month is February because the competitions and tournaments. Since 1994, athletes from all over the world (especially Europe) come to El Yaque to learn, practice and living!

For more information, check my video of the island


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