Mardin is a historical city on a top of a hill in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey

Mardin is a historical city on a top of a hill in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey

Mardin is a historical city in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey.

A city situated on the top of a hill, it is known for its fascinating architecture consisting of heavily decorated stonework.

Walk the alleys of old city to grab more of local atmosphere and architecture.

Watch the Mesopotamian plains everywhere you can grip a good sight. The plains look as if lying flat till the end of the world.

Enjoy one of the closest shaves in the Middle East. There are several small barber shops along the main street through the old city centre. Most offers include double shaving, head massage, a good conversation and of course a cup of tea.

All sights of Mardin are located in old city.

- Church of Forties (K?rklar Kilisesi), (in a side alley; look for the small sign on the main street). A Syriac Orthodox church dating back to 10th century. edit

- Zinciriye Medresesi, (on the hill towards the citadel; look for the sign on the main street). A madrasah (Islamic school) built by the Artuqids, rulers of the area then, in 1385. Rooms surrounding the central courtyard have some beautiful wall and ceiling decorations, having similarities with Seljuq art of central Turkey. Definitely a must-see while in Mardin. Free.

- Citadel (Kale), (on the hill overlooking the old city). While the citadel itself is located inside military zone and thus is closed for visitors, ascent the alleys of the old city to get to as near as possible to have the fascinating view of the Mesopotamian plains lying below. However, never ever try to cross the heavily barbed wire, as it equals to suicide according to locals.

Old city is small enough to be negotiated on foot, with the distance between one end to another not exceeding half an hour on the main street. And you will certainly not find any vehicle of any kind on twisty and staired narrow alleys.

Hitchhiking from Urfa to Mardin is very easy, thanks to the hospitality of the local people.

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