Mar de Musicas - Sea of Music Festival in Cartagena, Spain

Mar de Musicas - Sea of Music Festival in Cartagena, Spain

Cartagena (Murcia-Spain) is a city with more than 2,500 years of history.

Each corner, street and square of the city offers travellers monumental examples of its splendorous historical past, of the civilizations that put in at its port.

The city's festive delights is made complete with the "Mar de Musicas" (Sea of Music) festival, which is a festival of new and world music held during the month of July and which, in spite of its brief history, has achieved a unanimous recognition at both a national and international level.

“Mar de Musicas” festival is celebrating every year in Cartagena, a festival where, every year, is counted on a country guest and around this one, it is celebrated a lot of cultures activities, such as music, art, literature, cinema…

This year the guest country is Italy.

For fifteen days, from 8th to 23rd of July, Italian world will be presented at Cartagena to show its richness and convert this town in a festivity forum.


In this website you could find more information about the concerts and the culture activities:

If you don’t have any plan, come to Cartagena in July, you will feel the sea, the air; everything will be surrounded in a perfect atmosphere to enjoy in this festival and Cartagena.