Malasana - Madrid's Hip District - Do Not Miss It!

Malasana - Madrid's Hip District - Do Not Miss It!

Have you missed one of Madrid’s most flavorful areas?

Barrio Malasaña, the colorful, cultural neighborhood a short walk from the heart of downtown, Sol.

Imagine the calles (roads) filled with vibrant street art, hipsters dotting the neighborhood with trendy, funky clothes, and alternative shops playing music of all genres.

Malasaña is a melting pot of Madrid - be sure not to miss it!


Here’s the breakdown on Barrio Malasaña, Madrid, Spain:

How to get there?

The best metro for Malasaña is Metro Tribunal, but walking from the metros of Bilbao, Arguelles, or even Chueca is not far and quite enjoyable!


Where to eat?

For some tasty eats, hit the beach! Say what? Yes, Restaurant Ojala (Calle San Andres, 1) not only serves up delicious, well priced food, but the second floor of Ojala is a beach, replete with sand and wave projections; perfect for a mid-day chill out. Craving more flavors for less price? Try the “Menu Express”; two courses with all the accoutrements of a “menu del dia” (daily menu) for only 8 euro.


Where to eat vegetarian / vegan?

Isla del Tesoro (Calle Manuela Malasaña, 3) literally translates to Treasure Island- and it’s well named for those of us non-meat-eaters. The food is slightly more upscale than the neighboring restaurants, but don’t let that scare you. Great deals can be had daily, just pop in and see what’s on special. Once inside, you’ll be hooked- the interior is fun, lively and relaxing- the owner, Roberto will charm your heart and fill your tummy vegetarian style!


Where to shop?

If you’re tired of name brand/chain stores, score yourself a piece of history from one of the many thrift stores in Malasana. The most popular second hand store in Madrid, Templo Susu (Calle Espiritu Santo, 1) is a great place to start your search for the unique. From there, it’s a short walk along Espiritu Santo towards more second hand stores. Make time for a break at J&J’s Bookshop and Cafe (Calle Espiritu Santo 47)to browse their selection of second-hand books and find out about local events.


Where to get in on the nightlife?

La Via Lactea (Calle Velarde 18) presents sweet music ranging from the Beach Boys to the White Stripes. The crowd is always fun, and with two floors, there is no shortage of space to shake your booty or practice billiards. The walls and ceilings are decorated with lively murals, and the more you drink, the more lively they become! 


Bonus Tip:

For a real taste of Malasaña’s funky flavor, check out Tupperware Bar (Corredora Alto de San Pablo, 26). If you wrapped the Austin Powers movie series in a shag rug, threw some Star Wars and Sex Pistols in there and it exploded all over a bar: you’d have Tupperware. A good place to groove to tunes and meet people off the beaten path of Madrid.