Majorca is more than booze and beaches, try Pollensa town

Majorca is more than booze and beaches, try Pollensa town

In the old town of Pollensa, is a gem that many people never find out about.

The road of Calle de Calvari is a fairly steep stepped street that leads from the square of Clavari northwards to a small chapel nestled at the top of the hill known as Calvary.

The 365 Calvari steps are quite incredible, as you walk up them you go past several really rather beautiful homes and gardens, and there are even shops along the way where you can pause and make a purchase or two. Be warned though, it can be a tough walk up them all, but the reward awaiting you when you get there is a really quite magnificent view of the surrounding area. If you do brave the walk up, you’ll have to come down eventually after you’ve enjoyed the incredible view, and at the bottom you’ll find a number of café’s where you can stop for a drink and a rest.

On Good Friday, this stepped street is the setting for one of the most dramatic parades of the year in Majorca.

First a parade of people walk up the winding roads at the back of the hill till they reach the chapel at the top. This is followed by an enactment of the Stations of the cross (A depiction of the final hours - or Passion - of Jesus and the devotion commemorating the Passion), and then a mock crucifixion on the top of the hill. After this the figure of Christ is ceremonially removed from the cross and there is a rather sombre torchlit parading of the body of Christ down the Calvari steps and through the town.

You get hundreds of people wearing cloaks, pointed hats and masks walking along, and the whole thing is done in silence all but for the slow beating of a drum that sounds almost like a hearbeat. Although this is strictly a religious event, many people come from all around to the processions and ceremonies of this event, and a large screen is always set up in one of the squares in the town.

Written and contributed by rossfraser2020