Major Attractions of a Dubai Dhow Cruise

Major Attractions of a Dubai Dhow Cruise

If you book a dhow cruise while you are in Dubai, there are many added benefits that you receive apart from the lavish and sumptuous dinner on board.

You will love to have booked the trip on the cruise and you will lament for the magnificent day after it has passed.

A luxury dhow cruise is compulsory when you are in Dubai. It is an experience to treasure for your lifetime. There are many things to see with a totally different perspective from a dhow cruise. 

Whatever you do you can be sure of getting one of the best lifetime experiences. Both the Dubai Marina and the Creek are equally beautiful. Having a dinner with the fresh sea breeze and loads of entertainment will take you to a different world.


Enjoy the Magnificent View

The view of the ever vibrant skyline on a dhow cruise in Dubai  is magnificent. Passing along the tall landmark buildings, brilliantly illuminated will be a pleasure to your eyes. The huge expanse of the sea touching the coastline makes a magnificent impact. The hue of the setting sun, the blue water splashing on the white sands before retreating in a white froth creates a beautiful cinematic effect in your mind. You can also get transferred to the past once you pass the historical heritage village while passing the promenade. The contrast can be significantly seen when you reach the modern parts of the Marina. All these are a treat to the eyes with an experience enhanced with the sparkling fireworks.   


Feel Like a Royal Person 

As all the dhow cruise boats are built of wood, it gives the extra elegance in look as well as in the material. The royal touch in its finish, decoration and presentation will enable you to get the feeling of a royal life style. The quality of food along with the service is also of royal caliber. The berths and cabins, the crew, the hostess - everything is of royal stature. You are given five star attention on board. At the same time the entertainment on board is also one of a kind.


Novelty in the Ambience

The entire ambience of having dinner in a dhow cruise of Dubai will be very calm but enjoyable. You can enjoy your dinner in your cabin or on the deck where it is spread in a buffet style. There are entertainments which are soothing to the eyes and ears too. The belly dance and the traditional folk dances will be enjoyable. There is no rush or hurry. The whole atmosphere is very soothing to anyone.


Experience of a Lifetime 

The experience you can have in a dhow cruise is exceptional. There are many things to enjoy in it. You can have juices and cold drinks to your heart’s content. The staff and the crew are all cordial in their behavior. The food is exquisite as it is cooked by the best chefs in the world. You just have to book the right dhow cruise to have the ultimate feeling in luxury.


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