Mai Po Nature Reserve - Beauty in rural Hong Kong

Mai Po Nature Reserve - Beauty in rural Hong Kong

When thinking of Hong Kong, large expansive green space doesn't immediately spring to mind; but it should - after the skyscrapers, harbour scene and view from Victoria Peak.

WWF Hong Kong's nature reserve at Mai Po is a little treat hidden in the new territories on the border with China. So much so, that the wire fence of the border runs right through the northern part of the park allowing visitors to peer over to Shenzhen on the other side.

I'm no big bird fan, so I can happily confirm that Mai Po isn't just for the twitchers. Its wide open space, greenery, watery wetlands, board walks and flowers (depending on the time of year) are well worth the effort of getting there and often a welcome break from the hustle of Hong Kong itself.

I was however, lucky enough to see spoonbills and an eagle over head as well; not to mention all the usual smaller migratory birds and creatures you might expect. This little haven is well worth a trip, so bear it in mind if (when!) the city gets too much and you need a breather.

For more details of the birds and wildlife you can expect to see there visit the reserve's website here:


Written and contributed by Kirsten Henton