Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa in Sousse, Tunisia

Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa in Sousse, Tunisia

The Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa in Sousse, Tunisia is a beautiful and luxurious beach getaway destination for families and couples alike.

With bedroom doors sliding open to the ocean, a private beach and three swimming pools on the property, any beach lover and sun soaker can appreciate the ocean-themed amenities... 

But it is so much more than that. 

Mövenpick Sousse provides a look into traditional Tunisian culture and hospitality while still providing the world class service and comforts you have come to expect from an luxury hotel. 


My time at Mövenpick was spent not only enjoying the outstanding amenities that the resort has to offer but exploring the local medina, meeting local Tunisians and learning about traditional Tunisian culture and life. 

White washed walls, painted door ways, and piping hot sweet mint tea sipped in the Mediterranean sunshine, Sousse is much more than just a beach resort. 

Don’t get me wrong, the beaches in Sousse are magnificent and Mövenpick seems to have the best spot on the lot. The beautiful section of beach that is exclusive to Mövenpick guests is unparalleled to other resorts nearby and being so close to water activities like parasailing and jet ski make it fun for everyone in the family to enjoy. 

With pillowed lounge chairs, straw beach umbrellas and the lovely beachside Levant Grill restaurant, it took everything in me to peel myself away from the sand to explore the inland treasures of Sousse.


Mövenpick arranged for Sami Mathlouthi, a private tour guide to show me the city, to take me through the winding media and to teach me about Tunisian life.

Mövenpick takes is guests happiness so seriously, they go above and beyond the duties of a ‘typical’ resort and find tours and activities outside of themselves to suit your travel desires.

Our first stop was the medina which is an experience in and of itself. A labyrinth of ancient stone and plaster walls, I was thankful to have Sami and Mohammed (my wonderful point of contact at the resort) by my side. 

The colors, the aromas, the people, the food- it takes you in immediately. With fluted music echoing through corridors and sweet hooka smoke wafting through the air, time slows down here.

Wander through stores selling local artwork, woven fabrics and handmade lanterns. Let spices, fresh fish and fruit stands catch your eye under a blue sunlit canopy. 

Sousse is so much more than a beach.

Sipping hot mint tea under the hot African sun is surprisingly refreshing and before we knew it, it was time to head back to the hotel for dinner. 


Dining on the Mövenpick property is an incredible culinary experience. With ten bars and restaurants to chose from, it is hard to chose just one. 

So I tried a few! 

Tapeo is the perfect lunch spot. Tapas inspired and playfully experimental, I was delighted by the beautiful presentation and surprising combinations of flavors.  The fried cheese tomato fondue and pesto was to die for and the tuna steak with onion chutney sauce and vitello was Mohammed's favorite.   

Aga Cafe was just what I needed to slow down and take in the moment. Ottoman Empire inspired with a distinctly North African feel, I sank into the cushy couches with a cup full of mint tea and situated myself right next to the giant bay windows to people watch and relax.  

Levant Grill, oh what I would give to go back right now to Levant Grill. Perched right at the edge of the sand, Levant Grill serves signature grilled dishes under a safari tent roof. During my stay, the menu was changed to inspired Italian for the season and I will tell you, there are few things better than nipping Tunisian olives while sipping Tunisian wine with a view of the Mediterranean. I had the pasta arrabiata and the cheesecake with strawberries for dessert, they were both perfect. 

The local favorite is Sendai. Sendai is the only sushi and teppanyaki restaurant in Sousse and is a testament to Mövenpick’s care and place in the community. Mövenpick has taken special measures to not only be accepted but welcomed into Sousse by always opening it’s doors to residents and keeping it’s resort nonexclusive so anyone can make a reservation at any of it’s fine restaurants. Sendai is a fun, exciting atmosphere, perfect for families or for a lively date night. The teppanyaki chefs are some of the best I have seen, engaging children and showing off all sorts of different cooking tricks. They even let me behind the grill top to try my hand at it for a bit.

All of the restaurants that I had the pleasure of eating at were wonderful but I have to say my favorite was La Villa.  

La Villa is in a class of it’s own. Extremely conceptual, La Villa is an sensory experience from the second you walk in the door. Distinctively different rooms take you through an array of emotions. From the light airy feel of being in an outdoor patio while still inside to the seductive playfulness of a Moroccan inspired dining room to the grand, adventurous spirit of a cigar room made to feel like a 1920’s parlor from deep safari Africa, each room transports you to an entirely different place and time.

?Finally, ending up in the sophisticated, contemporary black and white dining room with an absolutely impressive wine cellar, La Villa serves Mediterranean fusion and reservations are recommended in advance.   

Attention to detail is another thing Mövenpick excels at. From fresh fruit in my room every morning to tiny perfect bottles of any toiletry you could ever need in the bathroom and Pillow choice forms beside your bed (you can request pillows numbered one through five according to their firmness to be brought to your room) Mövenpick goes out of their way to make sure every last detail of your stay is perfect.

And ‘perfect’ is a good word for my spa experience as well. After an eventful day of shopping in the medina and sight seeing in town, I spent the next morning at the Mövenpick Marine Spa.  

The beautiful spa is located underneath the resort and is one of the biggest spas in Tunisia. Using innovative treatments and thalassotherapy, it is on the cutting edge of health and wellness technology. 



I chose an hour long thalassotherapy treatment using salt harvested from the Mediterranean sea, an hour long milk and honey bath and an ninety minute full body massage.

Tunisia is known world wide for it’s amazing spa culture, Mövenpick Marine Spa is known in Tunisia for being one of very the best.

I had an incredible time at Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa in Sousse, Tunisia. Being able to spotlight local culture while still delivering luxury is a skill Mövenpick has mastered. 

I look forward to going back and exploring more! 


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