Máncora, a small beachtown in Peru

Máncora, a small beachtown in Peru

Máncora is a small beachtown smacked on the PanAmericana at the Peruvian Northern coast.

During holidays people come all the way from Lima to spend their holidays at the beach. It turns in a real partytown with bars competing for the loudest music day and night and a overcrowded beach.

Most of the bars, restaurants and hotels are clustered on two blocks along the PanAmericana. Mototaxis are everywhere but the town is small enough for walking.

The beach: In addition to tanned bodies, you might spot some pelicans and crabs there.

- Huge waves break along the beach during December and January, making for good surfing. Some surfshops won't rent out boards during this time, afraid it won't come back as one part. :)

- Also popular is kiteboading. You can rent a kit at a few places. For first timers, a 3-day certification course is requirerd and is about $360. You spend the first 2 days on the beach learning how to handle the kite.

- Enjoy the sun and take a swimm at the beach.

- Seafood - There are a lot of restaurants, most of them serving fresh seafood. Service is generally very slow but the seafood is fresh, cheap, and delicious.

On the beach, restaurants will bring a mini-tent, table, chairs, menus, and food to the sand for you. The main road is lined with restaurants but for the cheapest meals (5 sol), go to the road leading to the beach.

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