Luxor - The World's Greatest Open Air Museum

Luxor - The World's Greatest Open Air Museum

Luxor is found in Upper Egypt on the banks on the River Nile and it is the starting place for most Nile cruises.


Tourists arrive from direct flights from the UK or alternatively via Cairo. On the other hand, you can get daily trains which go overnight from Cairo 400 miles to the north and onwards to Aswan.

While it is a departure place for Nile cruise trips, holidaymakers who choose to remain at one of the hotel rooms in Luxor will have loads to visit on account of the variety of archaeological treasures in the area. The Nile makes its way through the middle of Luxor and the individual sides of the river are called the East Bank and West Bank.

The East Bank is where almost all the hotels are located and the principal points of interest in a historic angle would be the Temples of Karnak and Luxor that are to the north and south of the metropolis, around two miles apart. Also located on the East Bank are the Luxor Museum and Museum of Mummification. The Temple of Luxor is also worth going to during the night with its atmospheric lighting and fewer people, it possesses a distinctive feel about it.

The West Bank is considered to be the entry to the Valley of the Kings which is most well known as the location where the Tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. One more important site is the Valley of the Queens which includes the Tomb of Nefertari amidst its treasures. In addition there are lots of other locations of interest yet a highly encouraged activity is a morning balloon journey over the ruins of the West Bank giving people a different point of view on the magnificent historic riches on offer when they travel to Luxor.


If you adore ancient Egypt, Luxor is the location to visit.


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