Lunch in Dublin: Yummy Restaurants and Cafes

Lunch in Dublin: Yummy Restaurants and Cafes

Visiting Dublin, there is so much to see, but when you are visiting all the theatres and museums the hunger kicks in.

Here are some of the cafes I visit regularly in Dublin and I felt it would benefit anyone visiting Dublin to know some of the culinary delights available for lunch.

Dublin is a pretty large city and there is a horde of restaurants that are good, but how do you find one that is situated within your reach both in terms of budget as well as distance. ‘Just Eat’ is a good site for tips like this. Many people use the site to find takeaways but it works just as well for dine-ins.

Here are some of the restaurants that will be sure to delight.


Take a look at a list of some of the most popular restaurants in Dublin City Center.


Based on 56 Malborough street in Dublin city center, this restaurant attracts a lot of attention because of the varied choice Asian food on their menu. While there are many restaurants that may offer Asian food in the vicinity, Kanoodle is one the few that offers virtually fat free dishes. It’s a great place for the health conscious crowd to have lunch at. 

Gluten intolerant folks are also in luck because the restaurant also has a lot of gluten free options on the menu. So, there is something for everyone. Those with peanut allergies ,however, may want to be wary of this place as they do use peanuts in their sauces and they cannot guarantee that trace amounts won't enter their food items.


Cafe Oasis

North King Street is home to Café Oasis. This café has a Lebanese theme. If pizzas, kebabs, pastas and salads are what you are looking for then head down to Café Oasis. A glance through their menu on the Just Eat website will astound you. I never ever realised that there were so many ways of adding a kebab into a dish. This restaurant is definitely meant for those people who love variety.


Namaste India

There are always those instances when you get an irresistible craving for Indian food. It happens to all of us at some point in time or the other. Namaste India is a popular Indian restaurant that is located at North King Street. While Moghlai chicken may be one of the best items on the menu, the other dishes won’t disappoint you either.

A fair warning to all those who have never tried Indian food before. Indian spice is definitely not meant for the faint of heart or those with weak stomachs. 



If you want Irish food then you must try Peters. Located on the 82nd Drumcondra road upper, Peters is popular among all the locals. While it does specialize in Irish food, Peters also offers a variety of Italian options on the menu. If you browse through Just Eat Ireland, you will realise that the popular favourites are Fresh Cod and chips, and the Double decker beef burgers (2oz). 

Don't forget to glance through the huge selection of meals that Peters provides.


Wasabi Restaurant Sushi Bar

Looking for something more exotic? Try the Wasabi Restaurant Sushi Bar. This restaurant can be found on 77 Dorset Street upper. Their menus include a variety of Hosomaki, hamburgers and Temakis. So yes! It isn’t all about sushi! That means that you don't have to worry about those friends who don't like the thought of eating this Japanese delicacy.


Finding a restaurant can be hard. It is difficult to make a choice and pick one that suits everyone when you go in a group. Our suggestion would be to make it a weekly or biweekly adventure. Get all the foodaholics together and scour the area in your vicinity.

You will find new restaurants, new food items and a whole lot of fun. What greater way for people to bond than over some mouth-watering delicacies? Right?