Lovers Bike Ride in Brussels

Lovers Bike Ride in Brussels

Longing for love? If you're in Brussels, try looking at the end of a tire.

Brussels offers one of the most interesting ways to find romance- via bike. Mount that sexy Schwinn and make your way over to La Maison des Cyclistes.

Join the group as a couple or single for a three hour ride that will take each cyclist through some of the most romantic stops in town. As the tour passes through the narrow streets of this Belgian city you’ll be sure to hear sweet French anecdotes and stories fill the air. Taking a pit stop at a local café en route, riders are provided the opportunity for a more intimate encounter.

Interested? Here’s the address- Provelo, La Maison des Cyclistes, 15 Rue de Londres, 1050. The tour is eight Euros; you can bring your own bike, but if you want to rent one, it’s an extra seven.


A Glance inside Brussels

It’s the capital of Belgium and the European Union, but it’s also a melting pot, home to languages and cultures from all over the world. The city is filled with an old charm, jumbled with range of 300 year old buildings, marketplaces, and parks. And the landmarks are as unending as they are beautiful.


Grand Place-Grote Market

If you were looking for a place to find some “gaufre deLiege-Luikse wafel” (Belgian Waffle with caramel), this is the place to find it. The best spots to buy these sweets are the little shops off the northeast corner of Grand Place-Grote Markt. Grab your waffle and find a seat- beautiful old buildings are often the canvass for music and light shows during the evening.


Manneken Pis

Just a short stroll from the Grand Place-Grote Markt, you’ll find a small bronze child taking a, well, a ‘pis’. The statue is considered to represent the “irreverent spirit” of Brussels. One of the most interesting things about the statue is its ever-changing outfits; Belgians have created hundreds if not thousands of wears for the little guy, which all conveniently are designed with the fly zipped down.


Red Light District

Yes, Brussels has its own red light district. You’ll find it in Rue d’Aerschot, behind the North Train Station. Ironically enough prostitution in Belgium is not legal.


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