The Lovely French City of Gerberoy

The Lovely French City of Gerberoy

Ranked among the most beautiful villages of France, Gerberoy owes its reputation for different reason.

First of all, the village’s borders with the region of “Oise” and “Normandy” have seen most of the French Kings.

Then its ambassador, the post-impressionist painter Henri Le Sidaner, passionate about this little town, stayed for a while enjoying the several gardens and the quiet countryside.

Finally Geberoy gained its reputation mainly for its undeniable charm: cobbled streets, dollhouses and hollyhocks, which always captivate its visitors.


What usually strikes immediately is the sophisticated mix of colors and materials of the houses’ façades. We can definitely see the influence of Normandy with the half-timbered houses, the beautiful paved streets and these ornate porches. The all village looks like a painting. Everything is picturesque and full of details!

Do not miss the famous Blue House, the White House of the painter Henri Le Sidaner, the tourist office’s gardens, the Church of St. Peter and the municipal museum of archeology, crafts and paintings of Henri Le Sidaner of course.


I would recommend the famous “Jardins du Vidamé” for lunch. It is a restaurant, guest- rooms, brasserie located in the heart of the village where the managers, Céline and Benoit, have been working and enjoying this little paradise for 25 years.

Sitting under the sun in the garden, between the old monetary and the wrought iron garden furniture, I am enjoying wine while looking at the menu. Everything is so tempted as the local and seasonal products as cheese, regional sausages, duck, cider...


Then the garden of Henri Sidaner is actually the pride and jewel of the village. It is within the ruins of an old castle that the painter has decided to build up a superb Italian garden on three levels of terraces where you can enjoy a panorama of countryside and roses. It is an historic site possible to visit since last May.

Actually the best period to discover Gerberoy is from May to September when doors and facades are covered with opened roses and valerian. Each year in June since 1928 the village held the Rose Festival.